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Ford Raptor

Ford Raptor Upgrades

The Ford Raptor has amazing reviews for several different reasons. Over the years, this truck has seen many different upgrades that consumers are quite pleased with. You would think a truck that has a reputation for being tough, and having the ability to go anywhere would not have so many luxury features. For example, the Ford Raptor Upgrades include a very comfortable low-key interior. Instead of having a truck with masculine features, this truck actually has some wonderful upgrades that many consumers will appreciate. The front seats are not only leather, but they also have available features like heated and cooled front seats! Who isn’t going to appreciate that?

Ford Raptor

The engine is not the old thumping V-8. In the previous years, Ford trucks were notorious for having a particularly odd thumping noise. Many consumers wondered if there was an issue with their truck? This was one of the glitches that Ford had with its V-8 engine. Therefore, the Ford Raptor upgraded and has twin-turbo V-6 engines under the hood. This also improves gas mileage without losing any of its power. The Ford Raptor has increased in popularity over the years to the point where, in some areas, it is actually hard to find a used Ford Raptor. Many consumers that have purchased the Ford Raptor
hold on to their pickup truck for as long as possible. Trade-ins for the Ford Raptor are rather uncommon as opposed to other types of full-sized pickup trucks.

Popular Ford Raptor Lighting Upgrades

If you are thinking about doing some type of lighting upgrade to your Ford Raptor lights, there are a few important tips that you should always take into consideration before you do any type of alteration to your pickup. Before purchasing any type of lighting upgrade kit – be sure you have a professional, experienced installation expert do the job. Many consumers and Ford Raptor owners might decide to take on this particular task, but it is always recommended that a trained professional do the installation job. Now, let’s learn about different types of Ford Raptor lighting kits.

One of the most versatile lighting kit is going to be the Ford Raptor Unlimited Fog Pocket Kit. This is a versatile mounting kit that offers a user-friendly bolt-on the type of installation. This is a great way to illuminate your pickup truck while maintaining a stylish appearance. This is a great way to light up your surrounding areas while you are driving. A kit like this would be great for off-roading or driving in areas that are unfamiliar. Be aware of whether or not this type of lighting kit is going to be street legal or not. Play it safe with the Ford Raptor SAE (Street Legal) Fog Pocket Kit is a lighting kit that is safe for any type of road. This is a fantastic way to stay street legal while driving down the road with an enhanced LED/HID factory fog light. You have options to choose from a white output or clear lens, but you also have the option of choosing an Amber lens. It is recommended that you always check out your local laws to be sure that you are street legal. Each individual state has its own laws regarding any type of automobile light.

Ford Raptor pro6 gravity led 9 light 57

For added fun – let’s not forget the Ford Raptor S8 Upper Grille Kit! This is a great way to add daytime running lights to your grill. This is the same type of lighting that top racing teams utilize. It can be hidden behind the grill, and it also provides 18,984 lumens of output – which is a considerable amount of lighting. When you go to place an order for this type of kit, always be sure to check on the different options. As of right now, the clear driving combo is the only option available in a standard beam pattern, but new options are also being developed.

Let’s not forget behind your truck. Have you ever tried to back up in the dark and not been able to see what is behind you? This is common for those who own a big truck like the Ford Raptor. The great news is that the Ford Raptor also has a reverse lighting kits that can really help those who need the extra light when backing up. This is an affordable lighting kits that has a wiring harness with specifically designed Ford Raptor mounting hardware. It also comes with specific wide cornering LED lights that will help any type of situation. This is a great gift idea for your loved one, but this also is a great kit for anyone that prefers to add a bit more lighting when it is time to drive at night.

Ready to add some extra “tough” to your Ford Raptor? The Ford Raptor Pro6 Gravite LED Light Bar Kit is a very popular light bar kit that delivers over 23,000 lumens! That is a tremendously large amount of light. This is a wonderful way to not only add a new look to your truck, but way to add safety as well. You will be able to use this light bar in a wide variety of circumstances, but in the event that you need to focus on a certain area – this light bar has you covered. This is a fantastic investment for your truck.

The Ford Raptor is a solid truck with millions of positive reviews. This truck also has many customized upgrades that really enhance the look of the truck, but also the versatility as well. Any time you start to alter your vehicle, you need to check with local laws in regards to making sure that your lighting is street legal. You also want to be sure that whoever does the installation job has the correct credentials. You do not want to have someone without experience do any type of alteration to your truck. The Ford Raptor is an expensive automobile that needs to be handled with quality care from an experienced Ford mechanic or an individual that has the right certifications.