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Dressing to Impress: On the Road

Dressing to Impress On the Road with your car
Photo by Colton Kresser on Unsplash

There are many areas in your life that you need to dress to impress. From your home to the way you conduct yourself, being a gentleman encompasses everything that you do. This means that driving should be approached in the same way.

The problem with driving is that once we sit in that seat and close the door, we somehow get a sense of anonymity which allows us to behave badly.

Driving etiquette is important, so we’ve put together a list of the things that we think should be remembered on the road.

Dressing to Impress On the Road with your car
Photo by Colton Kresser on Unsplash

The Car

While budget is a massive issue when it comes to the car that you buy, choose your car carefully, because it’s a part of the way that you’re perceived. If you’re thinking that you can’t afford the car that you want, then try a used car seller. You may be able to find the perfect car for you without having to spend all your savings!

For most, the car is an extension of the home. If you’re messy in your home, then chances are you’re messy in your car. However, one day when you’re feeling kind, you might offer someone a lift somewhere, and you’ll suddenly remember the state of your car. Whether it’s old McDonald’s wrappers, a strange smell or just lots of shoes, the state of your car says something about you – so it’s important to keep your car clean.


One of the main facets of driving etiquette is having respect on the road and treating others as you would want to be treated. This means everyone else that are using the roads, from pedestrians and cyclists to motorcyclists and car drivers. Try to prevent yourself from getting caught up in the idea that you’re god’s gift to the road and instead think about the other road users. Whether it’s allowing pedestrians plenty of time to cross the road, not driving too close to the car in front and doing the zipper merge, paying respect to others in the road will make you appreciate those who return it in kind.

Keeping Your Cool

Another stalwart of driving etiquette is keeping your cool and not losing your head to road rage. For instance, use your horn sparingly. It is the equivalent of shouting at someone face to face. It can and does come off as rude – so it’s unnecessary to use it all the time.  Similarly, don’t be a road vigilante and go around flashing your lights at everyone who does something to annoy you. This only makes them worse, and this means that the situation is potentially unsafe.

Know When to Leave Your Keys at Home

A crucial driving principle: go for what’s practical. Driving can save you a lot of time and effort in commuting, but sometimes it is smarter leave the keys at home. When traveling, consider your current location. When I was in New York City, I rented a cool flat through Housetrip.com

and was able to enjoy walking to and from my office. It was evident that people are more aggressive on the road which made me so relieved that I got a great flat in a prime location. This principle also applies to when you go to parties. If you are thinking of having a crazy evening, it is best both for your safety and the safety of others for you  to pass up on driving home. Be smart and take an Uber instead.