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Cool Car Security Gadgets to Look Out for in 2019

Car Security Gadgets

Cars provide speed, comfort and convenience. Nevertheless, both the car and its occupants are regularly exposed to a number of security risks. Car crashes, vehicle break-ins, road rage incidents and ambush by armed thugs are just some of the things motor vehicles and their owners can find themselves grappling with when on the road.

Your security as a car owner begins right from the point of purchase. Start by checking the vehicle’s history to know whether it’s been involved in a major accident (enjoy a free VIN check). If the car’s past record is clean and you opt to buy it, there are a number of security gadgets you can install to substantially enhance occupant safety and minimize car security risks.

We’ll describe the type of gadget in general then mention one or two brands that you should give greatest consideration.

1.    Car Dash Cam

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Car dash cams have provided seemingly inexhaustible material for car crash compilations on YouTube. Yet, capturing a catastrophic collision on camera in order to upload it on the Internet and hope it goes viral isn’t (or shouldn’t be) the reason you need a dash cam.

Rather, the cam can improve your safety and security on the road by capturing unfolding incidents in order to demonstrate the cause and who was responsible. The very presence of a dash cam can even be a deterrent against road rage attacks.

There are numerous dash cams in the market but it’s hard to go wrong with the Garmin Dash Cam 55. With an impressive 30fps and the ability to capture video in 1440p, it delivers high quality images that provide a clear picture of what is going on ahead of you.

2.    Jump Starter Kit

Your car battery can fail when you least expect it to. When that happens on the road, there’s no guarantee that a car you flag down will stop and provide the battery power needed to jump start your car. The longer your vehicle stays stalled, the more vulnerable you become to attack by opportunistic criminals that are keen on exploiting your immobility.

To avoid finding yourself in this potentially dangerous predicament, always have a jump starter kit in your car. When your battery dies, simply clamp the cables to the car battery, start the car’s ignition and you are ready to go. The NOCO Genius Boost Plus GB40 is a great choice for a jump starter kit. It even has a built in flashlight just in case your battery problems occur in the dead of night.

3.    Tire Pressure Monitor

Your car’s electromechanical parts could be in superb shape but all that won’t matter if your tires aren’t in similarly excellent condition. Tire health isn’t just vital for efficient car movement but also minimizes the risk of an accident. To constantly check that your tires are in good health, get a tire pressure monitoring system.

The system relays tire pressure data to the driver in real time. Depending on the readings, the driver could stop and take appropriate remedial action. Two of the best tire monitors are the CARCHET TPMS and the FOBO Tire Plus.

4.    GPS Tracker

Nobody spends 24 hours of their day in their car. At some point, you have to leave it in the driveway, office, mall, airport and the many other destinations you drive to. When you aren’t there, a thief could break into your car and drive off. In years past, the only thing you could do when that happened was to notify law enforcement and hope they’ll track down your vehicle.

Thanks to GPS technology, you can now play a more active part in your stolen vehicle’s recovery. A GPS tracker can connect to your smartphone and let you know the exact location of your car in near real-time. If someone tries to drive away the car without your permission, the tracker will alert you.

The Spy Tec portable tracker is one of the best GPS trackers in the market. Other than the core functions of a tracker, you can even define the geographical area within which your car should be driven. You receive an email or text notification if your car crosses the boundaries you define.

5.    Seatbelt Cutter

A seatbelt is a critical element in personal protection in the event of a car crash. It holds you in position during an accident so you aren’t flung around or out of the car on impact. Nevertheless, a seatbelt can also expose a car’s occupants to tremendous danger in the aftermath of the crash.

Think about a car that catches fire immediately following the crash. If the seatbelt is jammed, occupants could burn to death. In such emergency situations, you’d need a seat belt cutter. With it, you have certainty on exiting the car. RESQME has a handy tool in this regard that combines both a seatbelt cutter and window glass breaker.

Driving can be fun. However, that’s only if you have some assurance that your security isn’t at risk. By acquiring and installing these gadgets, you can increase the safety of both you and your car’s occupants.

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