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Classic Cars: The Pros, Cons, and Cool Factor

Now, there are many ways for a man to be cool in this day and age. They can be jetset travellers, always off somewhere new and exciting as they put their body and mind on the line to go where few have been before. They can be an enigmatic business leader, full of wisdom and creative ideas – and just crazy and wealthy enough to put them into action and make the world a different place than when they entered it. All good and well, and good and well for sure…but few men have the family’s wealth to make these dreams a reality. If you’re naturally cool, though, there’s another thing you can do: invest in a classic car. These bad boys are about so much more than just getting from A to B, have just a few downsides, and plenty of plus points in their favour….

Isn’t he interesting?

Yeah, we’re going to start with a bit of a vain quality that owning a classic car brings. It makes you look interesting. Everybody’s head turns when they see a classic car on the roads, and who’s behind the wheel? Why – it’s you! OK, it doesn’t have to be just how you look. Classic cars really are interesting. They’re full of odd little features new cars don’t have. They hark back to an age when car innovation really existed, in a much more diverse way than we see today. You’ll be developing a lifelong passion that shows you’ve got the motivation, dedication, and technically know how to follow through on something simply because it’s fun. And it really is true – you’ll look more interesting! And who doesn’t want that…?

Part of the Club

The classic car community is, well, you’ll see it for yourself when you’re a proud owner of one. You’ll be taking serious care of your vehicle. You’ll hire a tow truck to take it safely to classic car events, where you’ll meet like minded people and see what other whacky classic cars are out there. The social side of owning a classic car is huge, and can take you on adventures you wouldn’t have imagined beforehand. If taking a big road trip with dozens of other classic car owners sounds like it might be your kind of thing, then you might just like it.

xxxx - Classic Cars: The Pros, Cons, and Cool Factor

Getting your Hands Dirty

This is one is one of those things that sound a bit negative, but which are really positive when you get down to it. A bit like going to the gym; you don’t want to, but you’re all the better for going. Anyway, here it goes…classic cars can be problematic. They’re old and have problems anyway, but then because they’re so old there’s not always a ton of resources available to help you fix them. As such, you’ll become a grandmaster at getting under the hood and getting your hands dirty. And let’s be honest – let’s be absolutely honest – every aspiring male wants to be able to lift up a hood and diagnose a problem.

A Few Downsides

That being said, owning a classic car isn’t all driving through the valleys and looking like a vintage male. There are a few downsides to bear in mind. For example, owning a classic car can be expensive. If a part gets damaged (and they will, it’s an old car) then it can be much more expensive to find a replacement part and pay to get it fitted. Additionally, you might have to accept that having the car will be a luxury. You probably won’t be driving the car everyday as your primary vehicle. You’ll essentially be investing your cash to have a car that you drive every now and again. There is some good news, though! Classic cars usually have favourable tax rates attached to them, and they also hold their value really well. If you keep it in good condition, you’ll most likely get your money back when it comes to selling the car.

In Conclusion: You’re Cool

And the breaking news tonight is…you’re cool, now how about that? Yes, you can make a whole list of pros and cons on whether buying a classic car is a smart idea or not. But really, it’s about more than that. It’s about having a vehicle that is infinitely more interesting than what everybody else on the road’s is driving, and becoming a part of history. And you really can’t put a price on that: you’ll just have to get one and find the feeling for yourself.  

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