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How to buy a car that reflects your personality

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Imagine for a second you’re out for a walk in the pleasant summer air. It’s just a normal day with a light breeze, the sun is shining, and you’re standing at a road, waiting to cross. Cars are zooming by – cars of all shapes, sizes, and colors, filled with very different people. Now imagine that you see in the distance a strange car. A car that’s built like a tank. A car that’s jet black, almost as black as night itself, with sleek black wheels and road-hugging, huge tires emblazoned with the symbol of a bat.  Chances are you generally won’t see the Batmobile when you’re out for a daily walk, but if you were to see it, you’d instantly recognize that it is the perfect car for Batman. That’s because the Caped Crusader is everything his car also is – he has a fondness for black, is dark, mysterious and brooding and is a force to be reckoned with.

Think about what you like

Just like the Batmobile perfectly represents Batman’s personality, so too does the car you buy. Research from the University of Vienna shows that people even attach human personality traits to their cars! In modern times a car has become so much more than just a means to get from A to B – manufacturers of cars now regularly target their advertising around a ‘lifestyle’, appealing to a potential customer’s personality.  Examples of this would include Toyota’s AYGO, a small, colorful car available in many different colors, complete with the slogan ‘Go Fun Yourself’. That’s what the AYGO is saying to you; this is a car for people who want a fun, quirky car with a bit of a difference.

Similarly, a high powered luxury sports car from Jaguar may come with the slogan ‘Unleash the Jaguar’ – people who are interested in these cars are generally looking for a powerful, sleek and premium-grade experience, all of which is associated strongly with the Jaguar brand.

Consider your lifestyle

Your personality defines what type of car appeals to you. If you are a young professional with a family, with responsibilities and care closely about protecting those closest to you, you may pick a larger car such as an SUV with plenty of space. If you’re a high-powered city executive chasing a promotion, you may want a flashy estate car, or – if budget allows – a sports car. There are so many other examples. A young driver may want a cheap, but sporty-looking car such as a Vauxhall Corsa. An older driver may want to downgrade to something small and safety-conscious. A keen off-roader may want the latest 4 x 4. When buying your car, your personality and what you want out of the car strongly define which one may be right for you.

Many people also define their car further after purchase by adding to it at a later date. Whether you’re enhancing your engine to increase performance, adding a new DAB radio or even enhancing your car with premium-grade tires from a reputable dealer such as Wiltshire Tyres, there are now more options than ever for adding your personality to your car.

Featured Image by Free-Photos from Pixabay

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