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Why It’s Better To Buy A Used Car

People often associate buying a used car with scrimping and saving because you’re poor, or settling for something because you don’t have enough money to buy new. But really buying a car is a headache, unfortunately, whether you buy new or used, and whether you finance it or buy it in cash. And all used cars are not ready to break down the next day, despite what the people making car ads want us to think!

We’ve already had an article on which used car to buy, so now we’re going to talk about why exactly it’s not such a bad idea to buy used.

Parts Are No Longer A Problem:

You’ve probably already heard the litany before “don’t buy a used car because you may not find parts for it down the road.” Even five years ago this was so much more true than now! Even if you have, for example, an exotic car like an Alfa Romeo, you can just go to wWw.SparePartStore24.co.uk/ at your convenience and order parts on the cheap.

The smart thing to do with a used car is just a little bit disciplined and stay on top of potential issues. Budget extra cash to take it to a mechanic immediately and order the parts cheaply way ahead of time.

You do have to be sure you are ordering the exact parts you need, and that the website offers a sufficient warranty to cover you in the case of a problem with a part, but doing it this way saves a lot of money in the long run.

Downtime Not A Problem:

Or, to clarify, downtime isn’t really more of a problem, especially if you follow the advice just given to you above. But even if your car does need to be in the shop overnight, or for more than a day even, please remember that this can still happen with a brand new car. Recalls, faults, and other issues crop up all the time and can happen to any car anytime.

And now with the advent of rideshare services, getting around temporarily without a car isn’t the big deal it used to be. Plus you can even purchase insurance that covers getting a loaner car, and the problem is solved that way.

Used Cars Can Be Very Clean:

I think if you haven’t looked at used cars for a while, you will be surprised at how much better they can be in today’s day and age. The fact is, cars have gotten better and better over the years and they last a long longer than they used to!

Avoid Dealerships:

They call car dealerships “stealerships” for a reason. And when you buy new, you are kind of married to them for the length of the warranty. They will find every way to mess with you and tack on surcharges not covered by the warranty. As a matter of fact, perhaps the best reason for not buying a new car period is that you can completely avoid the dealerships if you go that route!

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