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A classy ride-guide: the MG MGB

A classy ride-guide: the MG MGB
Image by Toby Parsons from Pixabay

There comes a time in one’s life when vintage over-charms modernism, especially in the automobile department. While the state of the art cars offers a whole new array of technological innovation, the feeling of ease and convenience, a classical car brings us back to our roots. It celebrates the timeless production of the automobile. 

It is no surprise that vintage cars have a certain price tag tier attached to them. But usually, as with art, collectibles are definitely a wise investment in the long-run. A classical car also shows status, exclusivity and pays homage to the automobile industry’s great names. Such collectibles don’t come in large quantities and are usually hard to come by.

In this article, we will review a house-hold name for classical vintage cars – the MG MGB. While car hunting can be challenging and time-consuming, the MGB GT models are sold online, offering exclusive models at fair price points. Now let’s dive into the world of classical cars, into the world of MG MGB. 

Red Oldtimer Mg Auto
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MGM Manufacturing

The MGB is known for its two-door functional sports car that served a progressive view to cars in their time. Manufacturing of the MGB started in 1962 and lasted until 1980. While the production period is quite short, MGB managed to create and release some stunning cars. Their design is a real staple in the car community, representing class, sleekness, and finesse in their designs. Expressive headlights, an extended hood, and a convertible roof sets these cars apart and gives them that vintage look and feel. 

MGB Roadster

MGB’s top seller quickly became the MGB roadster, which made its debut in 1962. A sports car that was actually affordable made it a car that would later be passed along to even up to four owners. Another shocker for drivers was the model’s continuous body, which presented something new at the time. The Roadster model includes:

  • Roll-up windows.
  • Outside door handles.
  • Soft suspension.
  • A four-speed gearbox.
  • Plenty of luggage space for weekend getaways. 

Next in line was the MGB GT that was released in 1965 at Earls Court Motor Show and was produced right until the end (1980). The main difference between the MGB roadster being the new hatchback look and the 2+2 design, designed by the greatly-known Pininfarina. And while it did not meet the roadster’s acceleration performance standards, it applied to the public as it offered genuine comfort details such as improved headroom and a larger widescreen. An evolution of the GT appeared in 1973 when the MGB GT V8 made its appearance. With a 3.5L light-alloy V8 engine, this car provided effortless performance and a real boost up to the MGB GT. 

Photo by Georgi Petrov from Pexels

Final Goodbyes

As all good things come to an end. MGB said its final goodbyes in 1980 after 18 years of amazing car production and over half a million cars sold in total. MGB cars’ success was mainly because they were easy to maintain while still having that sports feel to them. They also had a slight design edge, offering a fresh look and fun ride. 

In terms of MG MGB car purchase, some say that the best models range from 1963 to 1967, as these are the years of top-notch model production. Any car MG MGB car from this year span is a great investment. It is said that MGB is the best classic car to invest in and have even seen a value increase over the past ten years. With its fun drive and timeless style, you can never go wrong. 

What to look for when buying

What to look for when buying an MG MGB? Apart from model and year, be keen on details like bodywork quality, paint quality, well-kept interior trim, and performance criteria. But for someone that would like to spend less and likes the process of fixing up a classic car, then it would be a great idea to look for the cheaper rubber-bumper models that can be easily upgraded. A quick fix here and there and a new paint job can give an entirely new feel to a car and make it just as worthy of a dollar as any other high-end roaster. 

The MG MGB, while not a long-lasting car production, left a heavy mark on what we now understand as vintage cars. These cards embody the state-of-mind of owning a classic automobile that was once ahead of its time. Cars like these bring the owner a feeling of prestige and uniqueness and a chance to keep a collectible piece that becomes more interesting as time passes by. 

If you are looking for a real classy ride, there is no better option than the sleek MG MGB.

Featured Image by Toby Parsons from Pixabay