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8 Tips for Car Shopping During COVID-19

Car Shopping During COVID-19
Photo by Adam Nieścioruk on Unsplash

8 Tips for Car Shopping During COVID-19

The coronavirus pandemic has changed our standard daily routines drastically. Self-quarantine, strict hygiene, and social distancing have become the new normal now. The ongoing pandemic has made it extremely difficult to sustain businesses, both large and small. But life doesn’t stop there! All this has caused Car Shopping During COVID-19 to be drastically different than the past.

We understand that most of you may need to buy a car immediately for personal reasons. Some of you may have an expiring lease or may want to avoid public transport at such times. But here’s the good news! Many dealers or sellers are ready to provide enhanced services to help buyers purchase a car during the pandemic. 

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Photo by Adam Nieścioruk on Unsplash

ZeMotor has some good advice for those shopping for a car during these challenging times, as most sellers or certified dealers are ready to make sales from home itself. You can complete all paperwork from home if possible, and the car can be delivered to you. Most sellers are following a strict sanitation process during the pandemic. 

If you are looking to make a purchase immediately, then read on the following tips by ZeMotor to make the process easier. 

1. Do thorough research online

If you are unsure which car to buy, do comprehensive research online about the models, prices, configuration, etc. We understand that doing a test drive is the best way to learn about a car. But, doing good research beforehand will help narrow your picks. 

You can begin by watching videos online, reading reviews, comparing the specs, and so on. You can even check out the reviews section on our website to get more information. 

2. Check availability and pricing

Once you have decided on the model and configuration you want, you can head on to your local dealer to test drive and confirm availability. Many dealers have a wide range of cars even during the pandemic; therefore, it should be easy to find the one you are interested in. 

You can check the pricing by contacting the seller directly. You can also call or email the seller to get more information on the overall costs and others. You will often find the price of a private seller via their website. 

3. Thoroughly inspect the car over video chat

Thanks to technology, you can smoothly inspect your favorite car in the confines of your home. Due to public health concerns, sellers are ready to allow you to make an inspection over video chat if requested. You can use any video call platforms like Skype, Zoom, or FaceTime to set up a time with your seller and check out the car. 

Make sure that you have a good internet connection during the process. You can ask the seller to point out any flaws to avoid surprises later. If you spot any flaws, then you can probably ask the seller for a good discount.


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4. Contact For Any Queries

You may have queries about the car or the seller once you have checked it out on video chat. Therefore, to do away with any doubts, you can contact customer support to answer your queries. You may probably want to check the seller’s authenticity, the seller’s track record, etc. Whatever it may be, just email us and wait for a quick reply. 

5. Talk about vehicle delivery

Because of the ongoing pandemic, home delivery services have boomed in all business sectors. Therefore, if you don’t want to go pick up the car, you can hire a delivery service in your area. You will have to discuss with the seller and plan out the logistics for that. Though it is always advised to check the car in person, using a delivery service can be a better option given the current scenario. 

6. Check safety procedures

If you have decided to check the car yourself, you need to ask about your seller’s safety procedures. Ask them about the steps they have taken as an individual to minimize the spread of COVID-19. That may give you an idea about how careful the seller is regarding sanitation.

Make sure that you ask the seller to sanitize the car inside and out before delivery. You should request proper sanitation of the seats, driving wheel, keys, and door handle.  

7. Good negotiation

Since everybody lives on the edge during the pandemic, a good negotiation process may work for your benefit. If you are not satisfied with the price, then do good research and check the car’s market price. You can then negotiate with the seller and ask for a good discount. 

8. Finish the deal

After you have finalized the pricing, make an appointment for delivery or a meeting. You can request all paperwork during the delivery and sign off everything on the spot. 

Conclusion | Car Shopping During COVID-19

Desperate times call for desperate measures! ZeMotor says they strive to fulfill all their customers’ desires and provide a platform for customers to seamlessly buy a car keeping in mind the ongoing public safety concerns. The current pandemic has changed the whole manufacturing scenario. You have the chance to score some of the best deals ever. 

Find a local dealer that provides a one-stop-shop for anyone who wants to safely own a car during the coronavirus pandemic. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to grab the best deals!


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