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5 Reasons Why Trucks Make You More Manly

There’s no doubt about it — something about driving a truck makes you look and feel more manly. Whether you’re revving around in an old Ford classic from the 60’s, growling around in a big, loud and lifted turbo diesel, or cruising in a modern luxury truck like a Toyota Tacoma that goes from field to family-day seamlessly, you just can’t help but feel so rugged and ready for anything when you’re behind the wheel of a truck.

Here are 5 reasons why trucks make you more manly.

You Can Pull and Tow Things

Trucks are the powerhouses on the road. The strong men, if you will. Whether it’s a big rig towing thousands of pounds of goods across the country to deliver to stores to keep them stocked and ready for shoppers, or a local tow truck company that has been rescuing you since you were a kid with a crappy car that always broke down, we tend to equate trucks with strength, rescuing, and perseverance. If you’re the friend with the truck, you’re the friend who can potentially save the day if your other less manly friends get stuck in a ditch, or need to move a big piece of furniture. It feels good to be a superhero in your truck, doesn’t it?

You Can Haul Things

Truck beds are for anything but sleeping (although you can do that, too!). With all that space and a big torque engine, you can haul whatever you need to. Throw your motorcycle or dirtbike in the back of your Toyota Tacoma, or some logs for firewood in the back of your Dodge Ram. Pickup truck beds let you have that “I got this” attitude that’s so strong and manly.

You can Off-Road and Go Where Others Can’t

A true man is ready for anything, including an outdoor, rugged adventure. Get away from the concrete and get onto the dirt and back roads in an off-road ready or 4-wheel drive truck. Nothing can stop you and your truck.You aren’t limited to the concrete grid like the rest of the vehicles around you, and they know it, too. You just can’t be stopped. Only a truck can drive you to the top of a narrow, rocky logging road in the mountains so you can watch a sunrise or sunset above it all. It’s like, “I am a man. Hear me roar, and hear my truck engine roar along with me!”

Check out some of these top off-roading trails across the US for you and your truck and we won’t judge you if you start drooling.

Even Your Accessories Will Be Manly

Truck accessories are always so badass, from light bars, brush bars, lift kits, advanced towing kits, and even truck nuts. Your truck is already tough, but adding these accessories takes it to the next level. They’re also pretty practical. Nighttime visibility goes up significantly with a light bar, and a brush bar can also keep you safer and help protect your front end. Towing kits can be useful for when you get to play the superhero (Super Truck Man?) and help someone else out who clearly doesn’t have a truck as cool as yours. The truck nuts are just funny and show that even your truck is a manly man!

The final reason trucks make you more manly is…

…well, they just do. There’s something about trucks that are an American icon of hard work, freedom to explore and get lost in the wilderness, and tough durability. They sound loud, look huge, and are strong and powerful. How much more manly can you get?

We could keep going, but it’s time to stop reading and go out and burn some gas. Happy trucking!

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