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3 Features to Watch for When Choosing Your Next Vehicle

Choosing Your Next Vehicle

Technology in the automotive industry has accelerated so rapidly. New car models now come packed with features – that are different from one car model to the other. Since not every car feature available in the auto market is going to be helpful to you, it can get quite difficult to pick the truly essential ones out of the seemingly unlimited range of available choices.

So, in the spirit of making your choices easier, we’ve done the homework and narrowed down to three must-have features to look for. Read along.


A good car that is going to put your life in danger is not worth your money in the first place. That’s why new car models have some great safety additions earning them a five-star safety rating.

It’s still important to know the specifics to look for, since five-star rated vehicles have variations that may make all the difference. When going to market, look for six or more airbags other than just the four airbags that most car makers consider to be just enough. More is better.

airbags for car safety

Ideally you want a car with two airbags in front, two above your head on the roof right above the side windows, other two on the side and finally some front and rear airbags for a complete peace of mind. Today there are cars that have airbags beneath the steering column to offer knee protection in the event of a crash – these can be a necessary addition.

You’ll also need to pay attention to the vehicle’s crash test rating, often 4 to 5 stars should be a good pick. You can check out this ranking with crash-test authorities such as the Australasian or Euro New Car Assessment Program (NCAP).

Other safety aspects that may make for great additions to your car include anti-lock braking or automatic emergency braking (AEB), forward-collision warning (FCW) and electronic stability control (ESC) – though you don’t have to have all of them in the same car.

Cameras and sensors

Statistics indicate that a larger percentage of driveway deaths occur from accidents taking place while reversing, with only a smaller percentage occurring during forward movement. As such, experts like Car-Buying-Strategies.com recommend having reversing sensors and camera as a key measure to reduce these accidents and related deaths.

Your car may have both front and rear sensors, but the rear ones are far more critical to have. These can be extremely handy when it comes to maneuvering your way into and out of the tight parking spots that are currently the trend.


A car with a longer warranty, preferably five-year warranty, has two advantages: first it guarantees the manufacturer’s confidence in the vehicle, and two; it takes the burden of out-of-pocket expensive servicing and big-ticket repair costs off your back for the duration of the warranty.  

Final thoughts

There are some must-have basics such as adjustable comforts, good engine capacity and quality auto headlights. We consider these to be basic hence intuitive considerations to make. At the end of the day, what you choose to have in your car is entirely your call. But we surely hope you consider these three.

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