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What Are The Basic Rules of Euchre?

What Are the Basic Rules Of Euchre?
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Euchre is a simple trick-taking card game where four players (two teams of two people each) take turns playing cards to win tricks. The partners in this game sit across and play their move wisely to win. 

It’s an easy game that anyone can learn with some reading and practice. If you are interested in learning how to play this game in a short time, you have come to the right place. Here we will teach you the Euchre rules. 

The Rules: How to Play Euchre

As we have already mentioned, Euchre is a card game played in partnership. You can use a standard deck of 52 cards to play the traditional Euchre, but you only need 24 cards for the game. You must use the Aces, Kings, Queens, Jacks, 10s, and 9s.  

Now, let’s get into what are the basic rules of Euchre?

#1 Choosing Partners

To play this game of cards, you need to have a partner. Well, if you already have a partner, skip this step. But if you do not have a partner, the party of four will cut the deck to decide partners.  

The party will pair the two highest cards to take on the lowest cards. That means two players with the highest cards will play against two with the lowest cards.  

While playing the game, partner players are supposed to sit across from each other. One alternate team member will sit between partners. It’s important to remember that discussing your move with your partner is not allowed in the game.  

#2 Dealing the Cards

For dealing with the cards, the players can randomly choose a dealer. But if you want to decide the dealer on certain criteria, you can flip a coin, go from youngest to oldest or draw a card (lowest deals first).  

Before the dealer starts distributing the cards, they might ask the player on their right to cut the card deck. The player can knock the deck to accept the offer or knock the table to decline.  

While distributing the cards, the dealer should give each player five cards in two clockwise rounds. In the first round, the dealer is supposed to give three cards to the player on their left, two cards to the next player, three cards to the third player, and take cards for themselves. 

Similarly, for the second round, the dealer should give two cards to the player on their left, three cards to the next player, two cards to the third player, and take three cards themselves. 

#3 Calling Trump

After distributing five cards to each player, the dealer places the four cards facing down in the center. The pile of these four cards in the center is called kitty. Then the dealer takes the topmost card, turns it face up, and begins naming trump. In the game, the trump is the suit that can outrank the other suits in the deck.  

The player sitting clockwise to the dealer orders a trump, meaning they choose it as the trump suit for the game. The dealer adds the ordered trump to their card and removes a card to bring their hand back to five. 

But if every player passes choosing the trump in the first round of bidding, the dealer then turns the card face-down so it can no longer become a trump. 

When no player selects a trump suit, the dealer declares the hand a misdeal. In this situation, the dealing process starts with the player on the left to the dealer. However, if you choose to play “stick the dealer,” it’s the dealer’s responsibility to choose a trump suit. This method speeds up the game and removes the possibility of throw-in hand. 

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#4 Euchre Card Rankings

If you wish to take the most tricks in this card game, you must know the value of each card.  

The Right Bower and the highest-ranking card is the Jack of trump in the game. The Jack of the same color but a different suit is said to be Left Bower and the second-highest card.  

After this, the trump suit’s Ace, King, Queen, 10, and 9 cards are the next most valuable cards in the game. The cards in the suit of the same color as trump come next in ranking.  

All other cards have the same ranking in the game. Thus, they are played at their normal value with Ace high and 9 low.

Here’s a quick example of how card ranks in the game, assuming the trump suit is Hearts: 

  • Jack of Hearts
  • Jack of Diamonds 
  • Ace, King, Queen, 10, and 9 of Hearts
  • Ace, King, Queen, 10, and 9 of Diamonds
  • Aces, Kings, Queens, 10s, and 9s of Clubs and Spades 


Whether you play the Euchre game online or offline, it’s important to remember the rules. Because when you know the rules, you don’t make any mistakes. Now that you’ve understood how the game works, you’re ready to enjoy it with friends.

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