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Six Different Casino Evenings for a Gentleman

The casino is a place that’s always bubbling with fun and excitement. No matter your preferences, there is sure to be something for everyone to enjoy. A gentleman knows his strengths…and weaknesses. He will always keep his wits about him, whilst enjoying the thrill and adrenaline rush that the casino environment brings. A gentleman always needs to look and feel the part. Check out our six different styles that can complement your casino evening. Whether you’re planning on beating the dealer at a Blackjack table, want to be a serious poker player, indulge in some sports betting or play online, we’ve got you covered.

The High Roller

Think James Bond.

He’s smart, dressed to impress and charming. He is sure to stroll into a deluxe casino with a lady on his arm and a lot of cash in his pocket. He’s looking to impress her and beat the dealer on the Blackjack table. Blackjack is a game that requires a level-head. He has a thorough understanding of the rules and know how to use Blackjack strategy to his advantage. He knows when to Split, Double Down and Surrender and doesn’t let his emotions cloud his judgement. This gentleman looks and feels great and is always ready to raise the stakes.

The Poker Pull

This man is calm and collected.

Poker is the ultimate game of gentlemen. It defines character and builds up strength and resilience. A true gentleman will know that once he takes a seat at the table, it’s game on. That’s why he is an observer, he’s watching every move his opponents make and playing accordingly. There is a hefty cash prize to be won and he wants it all. Like any smart gambler, he keeps a straight face, never giving anything away. This man has all areas covered, he won’t let the pressure get to him and he won’t make poor decisions. He’s planning on pulling the ultimate bluff and walking away with a boost to his bankroll and a smile on his face. Smooth!

The Reel Spinner

He’s fun and energetic.

This man is the reel deal! He is bubbly and out for a good time. He’s willing to try his hand on many slots and if he’s lucky he will benefit from high pay-outs. He knows his way around the reels and has a good slot strategy. He chooses small jackpots, plays the highest denomination possible and only plays in premium locations. This man is cool. He doesn’t need a sleek suit or a lady on his arm to look his best. He’s focused on turning those small bets into big wins and is always on the hunt for Free Spin offers such as “30 free spins no deposit required” that could help him win a little extra cash.

The Casual Player

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The casual player likes to spend his evening playing his favourite games online. He knows which casino has the biggest bonuses and hot promotions. He wants to be immersed in a first-class gaming environment, where he can play at his convenience – on desktop, tablet or mobile devices. He has researched which casinos have the best-of-breed slots, video poker, live casino games and more. The Casual Player wants a thrill, he wants to feel like he is in a real-life casino, whilst playing in anywhere but an actual casino. This type of gentleman is laid back, as well as relaxed. He doesn’t want the hassle of having to go through tedious processes to play the games he loves. He wants to get in on the action and have access to titles like Starburst, Gonzo’s Quest, jackpot games like Mega Moolah and live casino offerings like Baccarat. He is no stranger to the online casino and always has his eyes on the prize. He is a smart player that looks for safe online gambling sites. When it comes to deposit and withdrawal options, he wants to be spoilt for choice, so that he can choose the method that suits him best. The Casual Player is a frequent online casino user and he wants to feel at home, he wants to be welcomed with open arms by the casino brand in question so that he can continue to have the optimal online gaming experience.

The Sports Buff

He’s passionate about sports.

This gentleman knows everything there is to know about his favourite sports. Whether its Football, Hockey or Tennis that sparks his interest, he will make sure that he keeps up to date with all the latest scores, player transfers, injuries and predictions. He keeps his eyes peeled for special sports promotions and likes to place odds that are guaranteed to be a sure thing…he hopes. The Sports Buff is a lad. He likes to have a few beers with his friends and is likely to be watching the action live and direct or on a big screen at a casino or pub. He’s keeping a close eye on the game and how it unfolds, so that, if needs be, he can place another bet and increase his chances of winning. The Sports Buff is here to have fun. He’s not afraid to lose, but loves to win. He tries to stay one step ahead and uses his wide knowledge of his sports to his advantage.

The Other Guy

…And then there’s the type of gentleman who would rather just go home, loosen his tie and unwind. This man would prefer a night in watching a movie or the like. He’s a super-chilled guy and although, he’s up for a laugh and likes to go out with the lads, sometimes he just wants to be left alone to do his own thing. Even if that means nothing. Who can blame him!

So, there you have it. No matter your gambling tastes, there is a way that every gentleman can enjoy his casino evening. What are you waiting for? Go have some fun, remember you need to be in it to win it!

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