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Portrait of the Average Ireland Casino Player

Portrait of the Average Ireland Casino Player
Image by Thorsten Frenzel from Pixabay

Previously, it was believed that a typical gambler is a confident man between the ages of 25 and 40. However, gender and age indicators are largely outdated. For example, in Ireland, in the casino at the link https://betinia.com/ie/, almost half of the users are women. In addition, the stereotype about age has been destroyed. In fact, a gambler can be a person of any age. However, to register in a certain play area, he must reach the age of majority. However, some tricks allow you to «draw a portrait» of the average online casino player.

Men or women?

Women, by nature, can be no less adventurous than men, which many researchers have repeatedly proved. Now, as surveys of gambling sites show, the share of female players is approximately 30 to 46 percent of the total number of site users. Of course, a lot depends on the country. For example, girls from eastern countries are not too often fond of gambling entertainment. At the same time, in European casinos, for example, the percentage of male and female users on the Ireland casino website is almost identical.

Interestingly, online casino developments «had a hand» in developing women’s interest in the gambling industry. Experts believe that women are much more comfortable betting via the Internet. In this case, they do not need to come to offline gaming halls, where they may be uncomfortable for some reason.

Young or old?

If you think about it, it will not be easy to understand who plays in the casino more often: young or already adult. It seems that girls and guys who just a couple of years ago stopped being teenagers are more risk-averse. However, another question arises – whether they can participate in the games because, one way or another, the online casino hobby is associated with financial expenses. That is why the average player in Ireland casino is called a person who has already earned enough and can afford to create a financial cushion and spend money on entertainment.

In fact, there is some truth in these two arguments. So, according to one of the British platforms, which studies people who prefer gambling, the average age of male players is 33 years. The average age for female players is 29.

Small or large deposit amount?

Of course, each player can put the amount he needs on his account in the Ireland casino. No one limits him to that.

But researchers have calculated that men and women spend different amounts on their gambling activities. Consequently, the size of the average deposit will be different. Considering the average statistical knowledge, we can say that the average amount on account of a woman is about 90 dollars, while a man has about 130 dollars.

Minimum or maximum time?

Researchers have found that men and women have different approaches to how much time they devote to gambling entertainment. So, if we consider enough active users of Internet sites, then the time spent on games for a lifetime for a man will be 14 months, and for a woman, 21 months. This is probably because girls explore slots and card entertainment more carefully before starting to bet.

Speaking in general, the average user of the playground on the Internet is still a man, about 30 years old, who has a deposit of about $100 on his account and is ready to devote at least an hour a week to his entertainment. But, of course, it’s all just speculation. Ireland casino online has registered users of different genders and ages who are willing to invest different amounts of money and time.

Featured Image by Thorsten Frenzel from Pixabay