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6 Steps to Planning a Bachelor Party Weekend

Planning a Bachelor Party Weekend
Photo by Tembela Bohle from Pexels

6 Steps to Planning a Bachelor Party Weekend in Galveston

One of the biggest responsibilities of the best man is making the bachelor party plans. Galveston is a hotspot in Texas and often the go-to option for people who don’t want to plan a party in Houston, Austin, or Dallas.  No matter where you live these 6 steps apply to any city, read them over to help your planning a bachelor party weekend.

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Photo by Tembela Bohle from Pexels

You can also spend a night at the beach or on the boardwalk, which is another fun option.

If you’re in charge of the bachelor party, you have a few steps to take to make the party a success.

Step 1: Plan Where You’re Going

You’re going to have to make plans on where to go. When I had to throw my brother’s party, I asked him if there were places that he preferred or places that he definitely didn’t want to go. I was surprised that one of my top picks was one that he definitely did not want to go to.

If you want to skip asking the groom for ideas, ask all of the people you’ll be inviting if they have any ideas.

A few good options are:

  • Golf at Moody
  • Ghost Tours
  • Escape room
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You can do a lot of outdoor activities, with options to rent kayaks and other equipment. If you’re trying to go to an adult club, the only one in town is not good. Heartbreakers in Dickinson is a better option for an adult entertainment club.

The 61st fishing pier does have a good fishing spot.

BLVD Seafood and The Cajun Greek have great seafood for dinner options. A Dolphin Sightseeing Tour is also available.

Step 2: Ask Others to Pitch In

Traditionally, the groom pays nothing for their party. An exception to the rule is expected if the person is going to have their bachelor party out of town. You’re not expected to pay the airfare for the groom.

It’s most common for the best man to get all of the groomsmen together, make plans, and plan to split the costs of the party.

Step 3: Trim Back Based on Budget

If the budget comes up short, you will want to cut back a little. A lot of best men feel like they have to front all of the money for the bachelor weekend, but if anyone is having financial difficulties, you’ll have to cut back on the expenses.

Since you’re planning an entire weekend, you’ll have higher expenses, including renting a hotel or Airbnb.

If you go during non-peak seasons, you’ll find a lot of great Airbnb options that are nicer and closer to the water than hotels.

Step 4: Confirm Dates with Everyone

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Double-check with everyone to make sure that the dates you’ve chosen work for them. You’ll need to make sure that the party weekend also fits into the groom’s schedule. You don’t want to make reservations and pay for rooms before you know that all key people will be able to attend.

Step 5: Make Reservations / Book Rooms

It’s time to start booking reservations and rooms for the big event. As a best man, you’ll be doing a lot of the legwork, but the one mistake you’ll want to avoid is paying for everything upfront.

If others agree to pitch in on costs, make sure to collect the money and pool it.

You may even want to go as far as showing the costs to everyone (groom not included) so that no one thinks you’re “skimming” money. A lot of best men will front the money, and when it comes time for the groomsmen to chip in, someone almost always “doesn’t have it now.”

If you can’t afford to pay, then make a requirement to pay upfront, or you will be unable to make their reservation for them.

Step 6: Party Transportation

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A bachelor party starts evolving as the party progresses. One person may claim they’ll take on the responsibility of being the designated driver, but before you know it, the person is drinking just one beer.

Don’t put the transportation responsibility on someone else.

Harris County has 149 fatal car crashes per year due to drunk driving. Don’t become another statistic — instead, either plan to book an Uber or Lyft. Galveston also has several shuttle and limo services if you want something a little more upscale just book a limo with Limo Find.

You can avoid tickets, accidents, and being stranded by making sure that you have all of your transportation plans in place before the big weekend.

A bachelor party weekend needs to be fluid, so make sure that you allow a lot of free time if you’re making reservations. There will be times when the group is having fun on the water or at the club, and having to rush off to make reservations somewhere else is going to break up some of these good moments.

Always make reservations for dinner and a hotel, but try to keep a go with the flow routine to make the weekend truly special. Planning a bachelor party weekend can be a lot of work but done properly you will have the time of your life!

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