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Best Nightlife Hot Spots in Las Vegas

Best Nightlife Hot Spots in Las Vegas
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Las Vegas is a 24-hour city, meaning when the sun goes down, the party is only getting started. It does not matter the type of nightlife experience you are looking for, from hardcore dance clubs to classy cocktails at high-end lounges; you will not want to stop until the sun rises again. Even then, you will have enough time for a quick power nap before heading out to the pool club near you or visiting one of the best online casinos available to start the gaieties all over again.

Nightclubs are the most popular and well-known Las Vegas nightlife. They are opulent spaces with celebrity hosts and star DJs as well as dancing and bottle service floors. If dance clubs are not your favorite thing, plenty of lounges and bars provide a generally quieter and more sophisticated experience. Below are the top suggestions on the best nightlife in Vegas for aspiring travelers.

Hyde Bellagio

One of the swankiest nightlife hot spots in the Strip is Hyde Bellagio, a cocktail lounge-meets-nightclub. This venue offers a fabulous view of the Bellagio’s fountain show from the balconies, and it is half the reason why many individuals visit the Hyde. Also, the venue offers a quintessentially Las Vegas experience to sip champagne while at the same time watching the dancing waters below. 

While the dancing floor is a small area, the Hyde Bellagio is more about bottle service. VIP tables occupy a larger space of the club. At Hyde, Paris Hilton has headlined as a leading DJ. The opening times are; daily, 5 pm -late.


Hakkasan is a superclub at the famous MGM Grand, and it is hugely popular and highly as well. It occupies five floors, with the central one being the dance floor, where the leading DJs in the city and across the world take to the turntables. 

Also, there is a calmer lounge on-site, known as the Ling Ling, where you can grab a drink while taking a break. The operating times are Thursday to Sunday, between 10:30 pm and 4 am.


Located inside Aria Hotel, Jewel is a nightclub that offers a safe feel as the resort itself: luxurious, high-tech, sleek, and modern. It has five VIP suites overlooking a calm dance floor with projected images and LED lights that blend smoothly with the rhythm of the music. 

Jewel is a popular nightlife venue in Las Vegas, primarily because of its excellent design. Even when it is packed, it feels less uncomfortably full than most of its counterparts on the Strip. The opening times are: Friday to Saturday and Monday, between 10:30 pm and 4 am.

Final Thoughts

These are some of the best nightlife suggestions you can visit after playing your favorite casino games in top land-based casinos. Also, you can enjoy the best nightlife experience at these venues using the VIP club perks that the best online casinos offer. It would help if you were sure to access these venues and enjoy some of the best experiences out there when you visit Las Vegas.

Featured Photo by Pixabay from Pexels