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7 Unexpected Things You Might Find on Your Party Bus

7 Unexpected Things You Might Find on Your Party Bus
Photo by Greyson Joralemon on Unsplash

Hiring a party bus is usually a matter of logistics, getting a large number of guests from A to B without anyone wandering off and getting lost. But it is also so much more than that! A party bus is a form of transportation, yes, but it is also a worthwhile night-out destination in its own right! Here are some of the unexpected things that you will find inside your party bus.


You can run a cash bar, order your favorite cocktails, or make sure that there is plenty of your best tipple when you order the bus. Just make sure the model is one with a wet bar, let customer service know what you want, and you and your guests will never have to go too far to get a refreshing drink.


Most party buses have screens built into the bodywork – and not small screens either. You can watch television, put music videos on, or just let the DJ control the screens as they do the lights inside the bus. Speaking of which…

Nightclub Lighting

Most party buses have distinctive and unique lighting. This has two purposes: firstly, it allows you to feel as though you are in a nightclub, and secondly, to disguise the outlines of the bus – which heightens the impression of being at a party venue rather than on your way to one!

Dance floor

Just like a nightclub, the cunning layout of a party bus makes room for a compact but useful dance floor, complete with a glittering disco ball, strobe lights, and even lasers, for the complete night-out experience. Most party bus dancefloors have a dance pole or two. These serve as supports for pole dancing but are also handy to hold onto while the bus is in motion.


Some party buses (not all, so do check to avoid disappointment) can be transformed into a communal video gaming center, in which you and your guests can go head to head with each other or with others from all over the world. Large Ultra HD screens, the latest games, and consoles mean that these buses provide a unique experience for your special occasion.

Luxurious Seating

Forget any idea about pleather-lined two- and three-seater ranks of seating on either side of the bus. Instead, you will enjoy plush benches, beautifully upholstered armchairs, and a wide variety of seating to suit you and all your guests in superb comfort, up to a maximum of fifty when you are not rocking out on the dance floor, of course!

VIP Room

That’s right! Some party buses – such as a Bergen Limo party bus – have a small private room at the back of the bus, where special guests and VIPs can enjoy a timeout or just get away from the noise and the crowd for a while. These VIP rooms can be equipped with sumptuous chairs, a double bed, or anything you like, within reason, giving you a bit of privacy, even while you enjoy a night out with your friends.

Featured Photo by Greyson Joralemon on Unsplash

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