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5 Simple Ways to Create a Chic Bachelor Pad Apartment

5 Simple Ways to Create a Chic Bachelor Pad
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Creating the right look, feel, and vibe in your apartment is the right way to make living alone easier. Let’s talk about going one step further and making your apartment stylish and chic.

Do you live alone? Do you find it unsatisfying and challenging work? Sure, introducing a significant other would theoretically mean half the housework – but it never quite ends up that way. Before you get anywhere near that stage, though, you ought to learn to fend for yourself. What’s the quickest way to do that? You can do it with the right layout and a few gadgets. 

The 5 Ideas for Creating an Elevated Apartment

Just because your newly decorated apartment is chic and elevated doesn’t mean it should be difficult to maintain. Use these tips when decorating to optimize your space – and your time. 

1 – Minimize your soft furnishings

One thing that makes cleaning easier is minimizing the number of soft furnishings in the room. The more fabric in the room, the harder it is to keep clean. Aim for wipeable surfaces and introduce softness with a few washable cushions. You can pop a cushion in the washing machine but can’t wash a full sofa. 

2 – Stay Fresh

To keep your living space up to date:

  1. Refresh your look occasionally.
  2. Don’t even think about renting a van to go and pick up an old sofa from a friend’s house.
  3. Start afresh.
  4. Look for quick-to-ship furniture that can be in your apartment from the moment you arrive.
  5. Stick to wipeable surfaces and take the following advice about color schemes.

3 – Monochromatic + Feature

Nothing has steadfastly remained in top fashion than sticking with a black-and-white theme. You just can’t go wrong. Mix these two colors with a splash of a third bold color anywhere else in the room, then change that lead color per room of your space. Next, place feature art focusing heavily on each color in the corresponding room. Repeat this throughout every apartment for an easy décor fix.

4 – Learn the Basics

Few things are more appealing than a bachelor that can fix things around the house. Learn the basics but don’t try any overboard DIY. A good drill, a screwdriver set, a hammer, and some good gloves, are the start of a toolkit that fixes most things. 

5 – Think About Technology that Helps Out

You can start with a robot vacuum, expand to an AI washing and drying machines, add a sprinkling of robot mop and UV gadget cleaners, and finish it off with an AI like Alexa in the kitchen to help you with timing, tunes, and advice – and you get a house that more or less cleans itself.

Add Extra Tech To Go Farther

The world of tech is pushing modern cleaning gadgets to new limits. From vacuums that operate themselves to access controls and temperature regulation, soon our homes will do everything we need them to at the touch of a button. 

Featured Photo by Pixabay: https://www.pexels.com/