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Why Vaping Starter Kits Are So Popular at Weddings

Image by haiberliu from Pixabay

Wedding presents are always difficult to find, at least if you are looking for the perfect one. Figuring out just what one or both of the happy couple would want can be really challenging. But one of the gifts that not many people think about is a vaping starter kit. Obviously, there are some prerequisites that go with this gift. If someone isn’t a smoker and has expressed an interest in quitting, then this might not be a good idea. But for the person that smokes and wants to quit, or the person that vapes, this can be one of the most unique and appreciated wedding gifts ever conceived.

Image by haiberliu from Pixabay

What is a Vaping Starter Kit?

So, what exactly is a vaping starter kit? For those who are not familiar, a vape starter kit is simply a device that you use to start vaping. Usually it refers to a vape pen or any of the half a dozen other names that are used to refer to E cigarettes, but does not usually include the juice that comes with it. It is simply the device that someone uses to be able to make use of vape juice. These devices are sold in a different category than the other types of vaping hardware, because many people have a favorite device that they use and they just replace hardware that wears out. Other people actually build their device themselves using the hardware that is available.


Vape starter kits are usually intended for someone who has just started vaping, or who has decided that the current vape unit that they are using is no longer viable. New vape pens come on the market all the time, and those that have an interest in vaping, are always exploring new options. That’s why they make the perfect wedding gift for someone who is a vaping connoisseur. If you have both primary members of the wedding party that vape, getting them matching starter vape kits will be a gift that they will not forget. Vape starter kits range in price depending upon the quality and brand name among other factors.

How a Vaping Starter Kit Can Make the Perfect Gift

So, why does a vaping starter kit make the perfect gift? Because you get to choose the vaping kit that you give them. The starter kit will come with the actual vape pen including the battery and the atomizer, as well as a charging cable in usually some replacement coils as well. Coils have to be replaced about once a month or so. Getting a nice vape starter kit for someone can be the perfect gift because those who are regular vapers will want to try out new kits when they become available especially if they are really nice ones. Plus, a vape starter kit can make a really nice his and her, or his and his or her and her depending upon the couple that you are buying for, because you can buy two identical ones.

The Bottom Line

The bottom line is that if you know someone who is getting married and they currently vape or they want to quit smoking and start vaping, getting them a vape starter kit can be the perfect solution to your wedding gift woes. There are lots of wedding gifts out there that you can give them, but couples love when they get surprised by something that they didn’t expect but really love. That’s exactly what a vape starter kit can do, especially if you include some cool new juices with it.