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What Is Mechanical Dry Eye?

What Is Mechanical Dry Eye?
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There are a lot of people who suffer from serious ocular concerns. Some people suffer from cataracts, while others suffer from dry eyes. Dry eyes can be a serious concern, and it is important for everyone to understand that there are multiple treatment options available. Furthermore, there are multiple types of dry eye syndrome, with some people suffering from something called mechanical dry eye. What is this, and what are the treatment options available? It is important for everyone to learn more about this condition, and there are opportunities to Discover mechanical dry eye and advocate for people’s best interests.

An Overview of Mechanical Dry Eye

First, it is important for people to understand mechanical dry eye, how it presents, and why it is a problem. Typically, it is an age-related disorder. Even though it can impact people of all ages, it usually impacts those over the age of 60. It is one of the most common age-related eye diseases.

Older individuals may have folds between the eyeball and the eyelids. Essentially, extra layers of skin and tissue can irritate the eye, making it difficult for people to see. It is possible for people to develop this condition in one or both eyes. Usually, it is located near the lower margin of the eyelid. Mechanically, it can get in the way of the distribution of eye drops and tears, causing the eyes to dry out. This can lead to significant vision concerns, impacting someone’s quality of life.

What Are the Symptoms of Dry Eye?

Many people get mechanical dry eye and regular dry eye syndrome confused because the symptoms can look similar. For example, individuals who develop mechanical dry eye can experience dryness and redness. Furthermore, the tear reservoir may be obstructed, leading to an overproduction of tears themselves. Furthermore, people can experience severe eye pain. This pain can worsen when someone tries to look from side to side.

Some people feel like the pain gets better when they shower or bathe. This is because the eye gets moist, alleviating some of the symptoms. Anyone experiencing symptoms of this condition should reach out to an eye doctor for a thorough exam. 

What Is the Impact of This Condition on Someone’s Overall Quality of Life?

This condition can adversely impact someone’s overall quality of life. If the eyes feel dry, people can rub them continuously, leading to itching, swelling, and redness. Furthermore, this condition can make it difficult to see. If the eyes begin to dry out, this could lead to ocular surface disease. This can make it particularly challenging for those who also have cataracts, as they may require surgery to correct their vision. Fortunately, for those who have been diagnosed with mechanical dry eye, there are multiple treatment options available. People can work with an ocular professional to customize their treatment plans to meet their specific needs. 

How Is it Different from Regular Dry Eye?

It is also important to take a closer look at how mechanical dry eye is different from regular dry eye. When someone suffers from dry eye syndrome, they usually suffer from an under-production of tears. For example, the tear ducts may not be working as they should. As a result, the eye feels gritty, sandy, and dry.

In contrast, if someone has been diagnosed with mechanical dry eye, the tear ducts are not necessarily the problem. They work appropriately, producing tears and eye drops. Furthermore, with mechanical dry eye, they may be overproducing tears. The problem is that redundant folds in the eyelid obstruct the tear ducts, preventing the tears from distributing adequately across the eye. 

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What Are the Treatment Options Available?

If someone has been diagnosed with mechanical dry eye, multiple treatment options are available. For example, some people may benefit from reservoir restoration. This is a surgical procedure that only requires topical anesthesia. The goal is to re-establish the anatomy of the tear reservoir. The procedure only takes about 20 minutes. People can take advantage of Prokera cryopreserved amniotic membrane, making a significant difference in the overall treatment plan. This has the potential to dramatically improve someone’s quality of life and make it easier for them to see clearly. Anyone suffering from this condition should talk to an eye doctor to learn more about their options. 

Treat Dry Eye Effectively

These are a few of the most important points people need to keep in mind regarding dry eye. Dry eye can be a serious quality of life issue, making it difficult for people to see clearly. If individuals suffer from dry eye, they may experience a sandpaper sensation in the eyes. They may also rub their eyes regularly, leading to redness and swelling. It is important for everyone to talk to their eye doctor about options for treatment of this condition. Even though some people may benefit from artificial tears, surgical procedures can be helpful. They may also provide a permanent solution for those suffering from mechanical dry eye. People do not have to go through this situation alone. Some professionals are willing to lend a helping hand to those in need.

Featured Photo by Victoria Poveda on Unsplash