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What Is CLA and How to Use It

What Is CLA And How to Use It
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CLA, or conjugated linoleic acid, , is a component that is gaining some popularity for being an aid in weight loss. Although CLA is a well-known supplement for people who have been struggling with weight loss, recent studies on rats have also shown other health benefits which CLA will bring.

In this excerpt below, we will be discussing some of the common health benefits, dosages, and precautions you should be taking while using this supplement.

One doesn’t always have to take CLA for supplements. Some of the food items rich in Conjugated Linoleic are meat and dairy. However, there are some cons to having excessive dairy and meat in your diet. This is why supplements with the right dosage are important.

What Is CLA

Cows grazing
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Conjugated linoleic acid is a fatty acid that is naturally produced in grazing animals. Cows and goats which are pastured are able to produce a distinctive enzyme in their digestive system. This is responsible for turning the Omega 3 in the plants into CLA.

This CLA or conjugated linoleic acid, is then found in the muscle tissue (meat) and milk or dairy products. CLA can come in different forms. But, the two important pairs which are required for your weight loss journey are c9, t11, and t10, c12.

This is known as the good fat or natural trans fat required by our body. It is better than artificial trans fat since they provide less energy and accumulate in your body. These fats are mostly found in fast food and baked goods.

What Are The Benefits Of CLA

Here are some of the common benefits of having CLA-rich food or supplements in your diet. 

1. An Aid For Weight Loss

Researchers have shown considerable body weight loss in animals. Although there is no human-based research conducted yet, many have tried CLA in their weight loss diet to conclude with satisfactory results.

Over test-tube studies, CLA has shown a decrease in the rate of body fat gain among animals. With the good trans fat, you will have more energy to burn, rather than them accumulating on your muscle tissue into visible fat. Making weight loss a great benefit of CLA.

2. Low Risk Of Cancer

Although there have been limited subjects on the matter, and there has been no proof of whether CLA can cure early-diagnosed, there have been some interesting discoveries. CLA can help in reducing cancer risks, especially if it is hereditary among some individuals.

They work towards preventing tumor growth leading to cancer. Some of the studies which corroborated this claim are how women who are known for consuming a lot of dairy products are among the low-risk percentage for breast cancer.

However, more studies are required before CLA is officially considered a cancer-fighting agent. Although, if you fear cancer due to certain lifestyle choices or hereditary reasons, do consider incorporating milk and meat from pastured animals. Remember, cows or goats chewing on fresh grass are what you are looking for if you want to consume the right CLA.

Where To Find CLA

Here are the food items you can find CLA, and what is the right concentration of which CLA is present in each of the items?

  • Sour cream: 4.6 fat mg/g
  • Mozzarella cheese: 4.9 fat mg/g 
  • Butter: 6.0 fat mg/g 
  • Lamb: 5.6 fat mg/g
  • Cheddar cheese: 3.6 fat mg/g
  • Plain yogurt: 4.8 fat mg/g
  • Fresh ground beef: 4.3 fat mg/g
  • Beef round: 2.9 fat mg/g

Some Health Hazards

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CLA does come with some health hazards and possible side effects. When consuming high amounts of meat and dairy, some of these health hazards would include the following.

  • High cholesterol.
  • Obesity.
  • Skin problems like acne due to high dairy consumption.
  • Increased inflammation.

However, all these health hazards can be controlled and prevented with the right dosage through supplements.

Dosage For Safety

If you are on a weight loss journey, then taking 2-6 grams daily is the ideal amount of CLA you should be consuming. This should continue for the next 12 months, and most satisfactory results in your weight loss, you should decrease the dose.

The bottom line is always consulting your doctor before a drastic diet change or trying out new supplements with the hopes of a singular result.

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