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Want to Eat Healthy but No Idea Where To Start? Here’s How

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Want to Eat Healthy but No Idea Where To Start? Here’s How

One of the most popular New Year’s resolutions is to eat healthily. However, eating healthy does not need to be just a New Year’s resolution. Eating healthy should be a habit, which is practiced daily. The problem is with the unhealthy lifestyle that people nowadays are accustomed to, especially since getting a meal from fast food is more convenient. But for those who are determined to make a change, take these baby steps towards your journey in eating healthy.

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Pick Whole Foods over Processed Food

Fresh fruits, vegetables, and whole grains are considered whole foods while frozen cold cuts and instant noodles are considered as processed foods. Taking a closer look, both are relatively convenient and easy to prepare. So choose the less evil and go for whole foods. Most whole foods are also gluten-free, which minimizes your risk of getting ailments caused by excessive gluten intake. Even bakers have turned to gluten-free baking because of the rise in intolerance. You can still choose whole foods, even if you are used to having your meals delivered. Check for the best gluten-free prepared meal delivery services in your area, and notice that the meals they prepare generally come from whole foods. Your body will surely benefit from fiber, protein, and healthy fats that whole foods offer compared to the empty calories provided by processed food that can later cause your body to suffer.

Drop the Soda

Soda is made up of 50% sugar and in reality, the human body will not be able to convert that much sugar into useful energy. In the end, this can cause obesity conditions or ailments such as diabetes. It can even result to life damage and premature aging. So instead of picking up that soda, take in water, and make sure to drink lots of it.

Store Healthy Foods

Opt not to pick up a bag of chips when you are in the grocery. Try not to visit the isle of cookies and chocolates. Some authors mention that the healthy options are usually found in the “outer ring” of the grocery so try to avoid going deeper inside. Instead, put in some apples and carrots in your cart because these can make good snacks. You can also make a decent meal from bananas and zucchini. Such that when you feel a pang of hunger and you open the cupboard in your pantry, the first thing that you will see to snack on is fresh fruits instead of chips. In a similar fashion, store packs of nuts and seeds or dried fruits in your office drawer for you to snack on instead of bags of candies and chocolates. Nuts and seeds are considered superfoods, which are excellent sources of different vitamins and minerals.

Choose the Perfect Plate

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A smaller plate may just do the trick. Apart from being able to hold just smaller meal portions, a smaller plate somehow tricks your brain that you are full after you finish your meal. In this way, overeating is prevented. On the other hand, the color of the plate may also have a psychological effect. Research shows that when the plate is in low contrast with the dish, people tend to eat more. Perhaps it is time to use a red plate in serving Alfredo pasta or a white plate in serving marinara.

Eat Healthy

Eating healthy may be a first for most people who are already used to the convenience of fast foods, chips, and sodas. Focus on the nutrients that you get from the food, instead of counting your caloric intake. As the famous saying goes, there is always a first time for everything. Eating healthy may be a start towards a new and improved version of yourself.

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