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Tips for Disinfecting Your Home

Tips for Disinfecting Your Home
Image by klimkin from Pixabay

Perhaps you want to amp up your household cleaning to combat the spread of germs and keep yourself and your family safe during the Covid pandemic. Disinfecting and cleaning may seem rather straightforward and intuitive, but you must scrub your home down the right way to protect your health. Keep these ideas in mind as you create a plan to make your home sparkle and prevent the spread of illnesses. 

Tips for Disinfecting Your Home
Image by klimkin from Pixabay

Focus on Hard Surfaces

When deciding which parts of your home require the most attention, concentrate your efforts on all hard and high-touch surfaces. That means doorknobs, counters, desks, light switches, toilets, computer keyboards, faucets, and sinks. To keep from spreading germs on these surfaces, wear rubber gloves, which also keep your hands from drying and cracking while cleaning. You can find these for sale on the Unigloves website.

Besides using common household cleaners to eliminate visible dirt and grime, use a high-quality disinfectant to eliminate invisible germs. You’ll have plenty of disinfectant options to choose from, but ensure the one you use meets the EPA’s latest germ-busting criteria

Consider a UV Sanitizer 

Just as you sanitize your hands, you can sanitize surfaces in your home. Technology paved the way for the best germ-killing UV sanitizer that works on various household surfaces. Besides germs, UV sanitizers also work on viruses, which is great during cold and flu season. Just like with disinfectants, double-check that any UV sanitizer you use meets the FDA’s safety standards. You do not want to use a product that may emit ozone or harm your eyes via invisible UVC light. 

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Clean Electronics 

Do you remember the last time you disinfected your phone, computer, tablet, e-reader, or any other electronic device you use? They, too, may carry germs and viruses that pose a health hazard. Use disinfectant wipes containing at least 70% alcohol on your electronics and let them dry before using them again. 

Clean Soft Surfaces

Experts don’t yet know how long viruses linger on soft surfaces. Wash your clothes, blankets, and bedsheets regularly to not only wash away germs and viruses but also keep these items fresh. 

When washing a sick person’s bedding, wear gloves, and a mask to protect yourself. Also, do not shake soiled laundry, as doing so may spread the germs and viruses you want to get rid of. After washing a sick person’s clothing and bedding, throw away your gloves and thoroughly wash your hands. It is OK to wash regular laundry with a sick person’s laundry; just make sure you wash the load in warm water and allow everything to dry thoroughly. 

Invest in HVAC Filters 

Imagine thoroughly cleaning, disinfecting, and sanitizing your home only to learn about harmful viruses and germs circulating through the air from your HVAC system. Invest in high-rated HVAC filters designed to filter out viruses and germs. Consider setting up an air purifier and open your windows for proper ventilation and further disinfection.

Spend a few minutes every week disinfecting your home, no matter if it’s cold or flu season. A little effort goes a long way in keeping you and your family safe.