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Staying Fresh After Covid

Image by Наркологическая Клиника from Pixabay

Getting COVID was a nightmare! It happened unexpectedly and ruined so many of the plans I’d scheduled. I didn’t feel like myself for two weeks, and even when I recovered, things were strange—my sense of smell and taste had only just returned.

This whole experience has made me appreciate my health and helped me understand this pandemic’s severity. For the longest time, I didn’t think I would be affected, but now I know how much COVID can change someone’s life (and I only had a mild case!). 

During my illness, I thought about a few ways to feel like myself once I recovered. Now that the time has finally come, here are things I’m going to do to freshen up!

Getting a Mani-Pedi

I can’t wait to get a mani-pedi to keep my nails short, clean, and professional-looking. Being well-groomed is essential, especially in my career—I’m constantly shaking hands and interacting with people, and looking my best helps me secure deals.

Once my hands and feet look perfect, I know I’ll feel reinvigorated entirely, not to mention confident. I may even start to get mani-pedis once a month!

Getting a Fresh Haircut

My hair has grown exceptionally long since the beginning of the pandemic! I’ve decided it’s time to change my look and go for something shorter and cleaner. People always tell me that I look younger and more childish with longer hair—whenever I go short, people say that I look mature and distinguished.

I’m hoping that this overdue haircut will make me look more approachable. My barber is going to have a field day when I walk in! My beard needs a trim, too. I usually keep it well-groomed but having COVID kept me from putting in the work to make it look nice.

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Image by Q K from Pixabay

Relaxing at the Spa

Its time to take care of yourself, People usually think of the spa as a place for women, but there are many treatments for men! I can’t wait to indulge, relax, and restore my mind and body. I also plan to make the spa a part of my monthly routine.

I am especially looking forward to a back massage—the stresses of work and COVID have made my muscles tense. Even on a super comfortable mattress, I can never get truly relaxed. A few intense spa treatments will make me feel like a completely new person!

Trying Facial Rejuvenation

Getting COVID has made me look a lot older, and living in this pandemic world hasn’t done me any wonders, either. So much stress and loneliness have put wrinkle after wrinkle on my face, and my hair has started to go gray.

So, I’m taking action by trying out a few facial rejuvenation treatments. I’ve experimented with face washes in the past. Still, I know that there are better, more convenient avenues to explore—laser resurfacing, chemical peels, Botox, and even male facelift options that will get great results. Overall, I want to appear more inviting and less tired and have smoother, more youthful skin and a refreshed look. With so many advancements in skincare and facial rejuvenation technology, I’m sure this will be as easy as cake!

A Trip to the Beach

I love to be outside, but the pandemic has kept me indoors most of the time—I’ve been like a vampire! Occasionally, I would get some fresh air on the deck or go for a bike ride in the nearby park, but I would crave much more.

The beach has been calling me! I’m going to invite some friends, crack open a few beers, and ride the waves more enthusiastically than I ever have. Experiences like this keep me feeling fresh; nothing does the trick better than a long day in the sun. Going to the beach is also an excellent way to stay in touch with other people, which is vital for staying mentally sharp!