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Vitamins And Minerals: Myths Vs. Facts Debunked

Vitamins And Minerals: Myths Vs. Facts Debunked
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After the covid-19 pandemic, people have understood the importance of vitamins and minerals in our bodies. Important vitamins and minerals are both necessary to develop our normal bodily functions. But food is not the only solution to intake adequate vitamins and minerals. Moreover, it is impossible for all to consider all foods containing vitamins and minerals to provide us with enough bodily functions. 

It is not like we cannot get vitamins and minerals from essential foods, but the deficiency comes from the food intake process and behaviors. In our busy lives, it is not always possible to consider so many foods in a single day to adopt the necessary vitamins and minerals. Therefore, the only solution we have is to go for supplements that consist of important vitamins and minerals. 

Well, after the pandemic supplement industry rose by 12.1% in 2020. It is also estimated that the supplement industry will have a revenue of $ 220.3 Bn By 2022. 

Myths Vs. Facts Regarding Vitamins and Minerals

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Combining the importance of vitamins and minerals, some myths have surged with the usage and abilities of those. 

We cannot neglect the importance of vitamins and minerals, but if we lack the knowledge of their proper usage and purpose, we will not be able to make them a proper supplement for us. 

Supplements are used mainly to minimize the deficits of vitamins and minerals in the body and have even been used in some cases to treat diseases as severe as Autism. But if you do not have any idea, you might get things totally wrong. Inappropriate usage of vitamins and minerals can lead to fatal bodily injury or dysfunction.

Well, here we have shortlisted some of the biggest myths which people consider as they lack knowledge. So, we are going to discuss facts related to those myths to ensure a better result for you next time when you go and buy a vitamin supplement.  

Myth 1: More Is Always Better


People think that there is no limit to the intake of vitamins and minerals. But the more you dig into the factor, you will likely understand that there is a particular measure to intake vitamins and minerals even if you are going for supplements.

We think that too much intake of vitamins does not have any side effects, but that idea is not true. In fact, larger doses of vitamins can negatively hamper our body’s finely tuned systems.

Additionally, too much intake of vitamin C can disrupt the ability to absorb copper, which is a necessary component in our body.

On the other hand, too much intake of Phosphorus will reduce the absorption power of calcium in our body.

Hypercalcemia, stomach pain, and diarrhea are the common issues that you will find gradually with too much intake of vitamins.

Myth 2: There Is No Treatment For Autism


Well, the statement is not totally true. We cannot cure Autism does not mean we cannot treat it. There are many treatment processes available in the medical world that can help treat Autism to reduce the symptoms and increase the quality of life.

Nutrition-based treatment is one of the major treatments for Autism. Autistic children need care with nutrition as they face developmental disorders. 

Vitamin B6 and magnesium can ease autism symptoms by far the best. So, if you simply go for a vitamin and mineral-related diet and consider treatment with vitamin supplements, they can get rid of various dangerous symptoms. 

Myth 3: Supplements With Natural Ingredients Are Safe 


Neurology Clinical Practice suggests that 75% of supplement providers claim their product to be the best in the market with inappropriate labels. So, what we need to do is to consider all the backed data and understand the product before we choose. 

Apart from that, not all natural ingredients used in supplements and foods are good for health. For instance, ephedra, a plant-based ingredient that was used to lose weight, has already been banned from the market. 

It caused severe complications and even death to a few. 

Myth 4: Vitamins Give You Energy


When we feel low in energy, our loved ones think that we need a proper diet to reduce inadequate nutrition levels. But this is not always the main factor behind energy. 

You can feel low due to various issues like stress, lack of sleep, inappropriate lifestyle, et cetera. 

So, self-treatment with vitamins and minerals might not be a viable solution to this problem. 

Myth 5: Nutritional Supplements Are Regulated


Now, let’s focus on supplements again. 

Nutritional supplements are used as dietary supplements to gain nutrition in the body. But it is not regulated as a drug, and thus it might have some serious side effects that can cause harm to our bodies. 

Unlike drugs, these supplements are not for treating diseases or diagnosis, and thus we might need to check through a doctor before we choose a nutritional supplement.

Featured Photo by Anna Kolosyuk on Unsplash