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Military Personnel and CBD?

Military Personnel and CBD
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Can You Use CBD If You’re in the Military?

A lot of people are taking CBD products these days. Acceptance of these formerly controversial products has risen, as a growing number of citizens support the legalization of marijuana. Since CBD products don’t even contain marijuana, their use is even more prevalent than weed. A number of members of the Armed Forces are interested in using CBD products, but might be unclear on the current regulatory status. So the question is what are the rules around Military Personnel and CBD use?

Members of the military need to be informed about the legality of CBD products. Here is some information that they need to be aware of.

Military Personnel and CBD
Photo by Jakob Owens on Unsplash

Military Personnel and CBD; are they legal for civilians or members of the military? 

CBD products’ legal status is understandably confusing in the United States. Part of the problem is that many people mistake CBD products for marijuana.

CBD products are not derived from marijuana. They are produced from hemp plants. This critical distinction is crucial for legal reasons.

In 2018, Congress passed a new version of the Farm Bill. This new bill reclassified hemp products. Previously, they were considered a form of cannabis, which is classified as a Schedule I drug. Under the new guidelines, CBD and other hemp products are legal, as long as they have less than 0.3% THC content. This means companies like Purekana can sell CBD legally. You can read PureKana reviews to learn more.

The new classification allows consumers to legally purchase and use CBD products. The civilian market for CBD products has been growing significantly since the change was implemented. The COVID-19 crisis has caused the market to explode.

However, the federal reclassification of CBD products has not made it legal for military members to use them. The military has its own separate set of legal guidelines, which prohibit the use of CBD products.

Air Force Capt. Marcus Walker clarified these policies in an article published on the website for the military health system. Capt. Walker pointed out that service members are only allowed to use FDA regulated products that have been prescribed by a healthcare provider. The lack of FDA certification has caused military officials to be concerned about their safety, so they remain prohibited.

This is understandably frustrating for members of the military that would like to use CBD products. They might be encouraged to know that there is progress in Washington as Congress attempts to legalize these products for service members.

Congress passes new provisions to legalize CBD use among military members.

Last week, the United States House of Representatives voted on a new set of amendments when they introduced the National Defense Authorization Act. One of these new amendments would allow members of the Armed Forces to consume CBD products.

Representative Tulsi Gabbard, a Hawaiian representative, and democrat emphasized that the new amendment would bar the Secretary of Defense from prohibiting service members from consuming any product arrived from hemp.

This is not the only change that would benefit military members that use or would like to use CBD products. Representative Ruben Gallego of Arizona has introduced a bill that would help members who have been sanctioned or dishonorably discharged for using CBD products. CBD products are still classified as a misdemeanor in the military, which creates havoc for soldiers that have been caught.

Under Gallego’s bill, these members could be given waivers at the discretion of top-level brass. They might be allowed to reenlist in some situations.

Both of these proposals are encouraging developments. Of course, the new National Defense Authorization Act still has to pass in the Senate and get signed by the president. However, CBD advocates should be optimistic that it will be signed into law since it passed by your house vote of 336 to 71. It seems highly unlikely that the Senate or president will reject such an important bill on account of something innocuous as an amendment allowing the use of CBD products.

Will CBD products become popular if they are allowed in the military?

A growing number of people in the military are expressing interest in using CBD products. Many of them are reluctant to do so since it is currently prohibited. However, it is possible to assume that the use of these products in the military increases if it becomes permissible under new guidelines. Many people who are in the military who have sustained an injury, perhaps even an injury serious enough to consult a military attorney, would find the benefits of CBD helpful regarding pain relief and anxiety.

There are plenty of reasons that CBD products might be appealing to service members. Some of these benefits are summarized below.

Minimizing the effects of insomnia

Insomnia is a severe problem for members of the Armed Forces. According to various estimates, the prevalence of deployed members is between 4.9% and 22%.

The stress of serving in the military increases the risk of sleep disorders, especially for soldiers on deployment. This can create a problematic cycle since insomnia can also put a soldier at a greater risk of suicide, depression, and post-traumatic stress disorder.

CBD products could be highly beneficial to soldiers that are prone to insomnia. A growing body of research shows that CBD is useful for helping people sleep without the long-term REM deprivation problems that marijuana causes.

Pain relief
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Pain relief

Even non-combat personnel are likely to experience pain while serving in the military. There are many potential causes.

The good news is: Military Personnel and CBD use are promising treatments for people with chronic or temporary pain. Studies cited from CBDGrade show that CBD can muffle the pain signals to the brain without nullifying them to the extent that the individual isn’t aware of legitimate treatment issues.

Depression and anxiety

Depression and anxiety are also significant problems for members of the military. The trauma of combat is one of the most horrifying cases of stress, leading to these profound mental health problems.

However, many more common issues instill mental health issues among service members. Isolation from close friends and family members is a major cause. The stress of regimented military protocols can also create stress and anxiety, which can lead to problems if they go unchecked.

Military Personnel and CBD; these products appear to be helpful for people with these conditions. More soldiers might consider using CBD to treat stress, anxiety, and depression.