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March 2018 Food Insight Newsletter

Spinach salad
Photo by Kaboompics .com from Pexels

MARCH 2018: New Research: Evaluating Online Grocery Shopping Trends  •  Eco-Friendly Crop Protection  •  ​Milk Production and Nutrition Series: Cow’s Milk  •  Can Cereal Be a Quick AND Healthy Breakfast?  •  Getting Personal: How Much Sodium Do We Need?  •  National Nutrition Month: Go Further with Food  •  Mindful and Intuitive Eating with Heather Caplan, RDN [PODCAST]  •  Caffeine and Your Health with Becki Holmes, MS, RDN, LDN [PODCAST]  •  Brush Up on Bacteria: A New Video Series Food Insight

Spinach salad
Photo by Kaboompics .com from Pexels

FEBRUARY 2018: Tips to Get Your Child Vying for Veggies  •  Food Colors: Resources You Can Use  •  What’s the Dish on the DASH Diet?  •  4 Reasons to Fall in Love with Yogurt  •  New Videos  •  “Build Your Own” Series

JANUARY 2018: Food Values, Technological Innovations, Savvy Consumers Will Power Major U.S. Food and Nutrition Trends To Watch in 2018  •  Personalized Nutrition: Ready for Prime-time?  •  In the Know about Nutrigenomics  •  Natural vs Artificial Flavors: Name That Funky Flavor  •  One of Our Food System’s Helping Hands: GMOs  •  Double Down with Dairy & Yogurt  •  Food Safety Sprouting Up

DECEMBER 2017: A Chef’s Recipe for Stopping Food Waste  •  How to Talk to Your Cab Driver About Nutrition  •  How to Build a Healthy Plate at Holiday Parties  •  A Mindful Approach to the Holiday Party Buffet  •  Resetting After a Holiday Splurge  •  The (not so) Secret Nutrition Perks of Our Favorite Holiday Foods  •  Kosher, Halal, Pareve: Get to Know the Labels  •  Better Know a Dietitian: Meet Alyssa  •  Better Know a Nutrition Scientist: Meet Ali

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OCTOBER 2017: Editor’s Note: Back in MY Day …   •  A Spotlight on Low-Income Older Adults  •  The Benefits of Preservatives in Our Food  •  Is It Necessary To Avoid All Processed Foods?  •  How Hydrocolloids Make Our Favorite Foods Taste Better  •  All About Animal Welfare: From Farm to Fork  •  A Look Inside the Chicken Coop: Poultry Production Insights  •  Eat This for …  •  What is Saccharin?  •  What is Monk Fruit?

SEPTEMBER 2017: Editor’s Note: By Process of Illumination   •  Process This  •  2017 Food and Health Survey – Continuing Professional Education Module  •  2017 Food & Health Survey: Food Confusion  •  Let’s Get Some Farm Insight  •  Food Waste 101  •  Much Ado About FODMAPs  •  “Foodie” Facts  •  Back to School

(No August 2017 publication)

JULY 2017: Editor’s Note: Three Decades of Facts … and Three Years of FACTS  •  “Meat-ing” Consumer Expectations of Ethical Animal Welfare  •  What is California’s Prop 65?  •  Saying “I Do” Soon? Don’t Forget About Food Safety!  •  How the Healthy Pig Gets to the Market  •  “Tune in” with Intuitive Eating  •  The Secret to Raising a Healthy Eater? Start Early!  •  Celebrate Dairy for Health Benefits  •  Everything You Need to Know About Grains

JUNE 2017: Editor’s Note: Eyes on the (World Food) Prize  •  What’s On the Table for Menu Labels?  •  It’s Not Always Greener on the Other Side  •  Let’s Get Back to Basics on Genetics  •  Enjoy a Variety of Food? Thank a Pollinator.  •  Listen Up About Listeria: Here is the 411  •  Make Room for Legumes  •  Keeping Your Kids Hydrated and Healthy  •  6 Tips for Mindful Eating  •  New Nutrition Resources to Help “Build Back My Muscles”  •  What’s in the Dietitian’s Bag?  •  Better Know a Nutrition Scientist: Meet Julie

MAY 2017: Editor’s Note: Survey Says …  •  2017 Food and Health Survey: “A Healthy Perspective: Understanding American Food Values”  •  2017 Food and Health Survey: A Focus on 50+  •  Food Allergies 101 [INFOGRAPHIC]  •  What I Learned at the 2017 Experimental Biology Conference  •  Wheat Grass: The Super Green Superfood?  •  What You May Have Missed: Food Recalls  •  Hitting the Wall: Nutrition Tips for Marathoners  •  Recipes for Sustainable Eating  •  Vitamins and Minerals Fact Sheets  •  Converting to Seitanism

APRIL 2017: Editor’s Note: March for Science a Day for Renewal  •  A Few Thank Yous for Food Science  •  Earth Day and Agriculture: Let’s Celebrate the Planet!  •  A Deep Dive on the 2015-2020 Dietary Guideline’s Inclusion of Caffeine  •  Conserving Water on the Farm and in the Home  •  Foods that Promote Cardiovascular Health  •  The Rising Agent: Nutritional Yeast  •  Sorghum: From Salads to Syrups, This Grain is Cropping Up Everywhere  •  Alexandra Lewin-Zwerdling Joins IFIC as Vice President

MARCH 2017: Editor’s Note: Forking It Over  •  Put Your Best Fork Forward for National Nutrition Month  •  Becoming America’s Next Top (Food) Role Model  •  Pantry Hacks: 3 Easy and Healthy Recipes with Canned Foods  •  A Useful Guide to Understanding GMOs  •  Heart-y Snack Attack  •  Fresh vs. Frozen Foods: Let’s Talk About Corn

FEBRUARY 2017: Editor’s Note: There’s Good News, If You Know Where To Find It  •  How To Eat Out Without Pigging Out  •  Mindful Eating   •  Top U.S. Food and Nutrition Trends in 2017  •  Yes We Can! Celebrate International Day of Women and Girls in Science  •  Seasonal Produce: Winter Fruits and Vegetables  •  A Nutrition Showdown: Canned Green Beans vs. Fresh Green Beans  •  INFOGRAPHICS: Foods for Maintaining a Healthy Weight, Making Sense of Sugars: Fruit in All Forms

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