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Male Hormonal Replacement Therapy

Testosterone Deficiency

When talking if hormonal therapy, the picture is usually the female menopausal therapy where essential hormones’ levels are replenished. The treatment is, however, available for males. In males, testosterone is the main hormone that can go down and needs to be regained.

Testosterone is an important chemical messenger in the body which is essential for the development of male secondary sexual characteristics. Its production site is the testes and it is responsible for male sexual function, growth of body and facial hair, breaking of the voice and also body development.

With age, the levels may go down and comes with a lot of undesirable results.

When Do You Need Testosterone Replacement?

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One occasion when it is recommended for you to visit an HRT clinic is when you have a case of hypogonadism. In this condition, the testes produce unnaturally low levels of testosterone. This can be alarming especially if it is a young person involved as it gets into the way of their development.

The following are some symptoms that can indicate low testosterone levels in the body.

  • Low sex drive.
  • Mood and energy variations.
  • Muscle loss and moderate to excessive weight gain.
  • Development of feminine characteristics such as female voice, enlarged hips, and breasts.

Taking The Male Hormonal Treatment

Once your endocrinologist or general practitioner has determined that you have low levels of this important hormone, he or she will recommend a treatment regimen for you. This incorporates you taking this hormone in its bioidentical or synthetic form.

The treatment is administered via injections, gels, and transdermal patches according to which you prefer the most. Injections and gels are for regular use while transdermal patches stay on the skin for some time. These patches are effective when it comes to long-term use and prevent fluctuation in the level of this hormone. Fluctuations may come with mood swings and changing sexual desires.

The injection is intramuscularly taken at an interval of two to three weeks until the condition is stable. For the gel and patches, you apply them daily on your upper arms, your back. For better results, you should use the latter two methods for a reasonably long time.

Side Effects Of Male Hormonal Replacement Therapy

One major drawback of going for this treatment is the side effects that come with it. Some of these effects are minor while others are major and at times hard to contain.

Among the minor side effects are as follows:

  • Frequent urination.
  • The outbreak of acne or occasionally rashes.
  • Edema due to fluid retention.

Major side effects include:

  • Decreased testes size.
  • Breasts enlargement.
  • Uncontrolled hair growth.
  • Increase in the number of red blood cells.
  • Heightened cholesterol levels.
  • A decrease in sperm count.

Final Word

Hormonal replacement therapy in males is very important especially in the face of hypogonadism and also aging. It helps in replenishing testosterone levels in the body and boost energy levels as well as sexual desire. You can take the treatment in three ways which are via injections, gels or patches.

When taking the medication, be aware of its side effects such an increase in red blood cells that can cause blood clots in vessels, chest and muscle pain.

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