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Maintain your health and mind with these 7 Amazing Healthcare Mobile Apps

Healthcare Mobile Apps

With all kinds of personal and professional hassles out there, it has become a pretty much complex chapter for us to lead a healthy life. Above that, some of our worsening habits like gawking at the smartphone displays for hours after hours, playing addicting video games continuously etc. can have really adverse effects on our health after a prolonged use. Here, your smartphone can play a major role.

Like various mobile apps for different purposes, there are some effective medical apps too which can help you smartly to remain fit and fine. Whether it is any healthcare news or information about medicines, you can get them all with these healthcare apps. These healthcare apps are created by app developers like Dogtown Media whose aim is to create a positive impact via life-saving mobile solutions.

Aren’t you using one yet?

Well, you are definitely missing out something crucial for your health then. Here are some of such astounding medical apps which have been proven effective in the healthcare industry.

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  1. Micromedex

It is a very simple yet fruitful pharmaceutical reference app which can help you get an idea of proper dosage for any medicine or any medical recommendation. All that you need to do is just search the name of a specific drug in that amazing healthcare medical app to know about how this drug has to be taken. Also, you can identify all the potential side effects of the same with the help of this healthcare app.

Moreover, why Micromedex is considered one of the best medical apps in the healthcare industry is because you can even search by any health ailment to get the right drug recommendations. Also, the best part is that in spite of providing such a huge range of information, this healthcare app is still a simplified one.

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  1. Up To Date

Whether you are studying medicine or working as a medical professional, Up To Date is the best healthcare mobile app to explore. Also, if you want to check out the buzzing healthcare news out there then Up To Date is your cup of tea.

Just get the app in your mobile and look at the ‘What’s New’ section to peruse headlines, search for specific topics etc. Also, along with these articles, this excellent medical app can provide videos on medical procedures and you can even email or bookmark any page easily. Moreover, you will be also able to communicate with a colleague through this medical app. It’s because there are videos available for you on various medical procedures in this app. So, you can easily email or bookmark any page with it.


  1. HelpAround

Diabetes is certainly a common health disorder among human beings in the contemporary era. There are many people out there who are suffering from this disease. For all those diabetic patients out there who are facing excruciating struggles of running out of glucose tabs or test trips, HelpAround is one of the best medical apps available now.

With this app, you can connect to the nearby HelpAround users who might help you with a blood test or injection. Also, this healthcare mobile app offers a significant amount of community advice and support in its forums.


  1. MyChart

MyChart is a yet another most effective mobile app available in the healthcare industry now. You can access your medical records at any time on your phone with this mobile application. Whether it is any healthcare new or an update about which vaccination you’ve had and when, MyChart can reveal all that to you.

Moreover, it is possible for you to go one more step ahead with this app. Suppose, you want to send a message to your clinic about an appointment of yours or you want to schedule a couple of visits directly, MyChart can help you do such stuff. Also, MyChart can let you request prescription refills too. Most importantly, all of your medical information will be handy as they will be present right there online always. So, if you missed out to access it due to cellular outages then MyChart is best for you to stay updated.

Doctor on Demand

  1. Doctor on Demand

Do you want to have your doctor always in the pocket?

This excellent medical app is definitely your stuff! It will serve the purpose of a physician, a paediatrician, a psychologist and what not. With this app, you can directly connect with various licensed professionals out there through video chats and audio calls. They will further prescribe you the medicines as per your symptoms. The best part of this app is that you don’t have to even step outside the door to get the right medicines for any of your health issues.

First Derm

  1. First Derm

You might have already guessed for what this app can be used. Yes! It is the perfect mobile app out there which can be a one-stop solution for all your dermatological problems. Whether it is a question about rashes, pimples, or any harmless red bump in your skin, First Derm is the right app to opt for you.

With this app, you can consult your skin problem with a professional dermatologist. He/she will then revert back to you with an answer within 8, 24, or 48 hours. Also, this app doesn’t require any login to be done. Rather, everything will be anonymous. Thus, you don’t have to risk your privacy at all for using this app. In case, the problem that you are having in your skin needs any specific medical attention then this app will automatically direct you to your nearest dermatologist to you.


  1. ZocDoc

ZocDoc can make all your appointments with the physicians easy. With this app, you can find neighbourhood doctors within your insurance network. You don’t have to worry about the authenticity and expertise of the doctors while using this app. It’s because each one of them will be having verified reviews from other patients.

With ZocDoc, it would be even easy for you to check out all of your open appointments if needed. Moreover, you can also instantly book a slot in your preferred time with ZocDoc. Further, ZocDoc can help you to set checkup reminders and complete all the necessary paperwork for your appointment before you go out for work.

Aren’t these healthcare mobile apps seem to be outstanding?

Download the one which will be perfect for your requirements and the entire chapter of taking care of your health will be a simplified, organized, and best one.

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