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KiwiHerb is a trusted brand that provides only the best of quality, tested natural health products for a variety of ailments, including a range of general immunity-boosting products and a special range of products for children’s health.

All of their products have been developed by medical professionals, and they use only the best, responsibly sourced plants and herbs when producing their products; all of these, of course, have been harvested by their team from New Zealand nature.

Here’s more about Kiwiherb, the extensive range of products they offer – and why they’re known to work so well.

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The Product’s Founder

You wouldn’t buy any kind of health product from someone you don’t trust, and the founder of Kiwiherb is known as a man who is really, really into his natural products – and has always promised (and delivered) quality products. Before the founding of Kiwiherb, the founder Phil Rasmussen has had years of experience in the field of traditional health before finally realizing that natural health might be the right way to a stronger immunity and better health.

While he candidly refers to himself as a “stubborn old bugger” during interviews, Phil Rasmussen’s focus has always been a natural, safe approach to natural health to heal some of the most common ailments in the best possible way – and it works.

Kiwiherb’s products are the go-to solution for many families in New Zealand, and they’ve become a household name – the product’s popularity has especially begun to soar outside of New Zealand as more people look to a more natural range of products to take care of themselves.

Developed by Medical Experts

The products offered by Kiwiherb have all been developed in co-operation with experts in the medical field to ensure that they really work – and work as well for the condition as they possibly can. These experts have also gone the extra bit to ensure the dosages are perfectly calculated to your individual needs, and their products have undergone the necessary testing to ensure that they really work the way they say they’re going to.

Truly Natural Products

All Kiwikerb products guarantee to be all natural – and all the products they offer have undergone rigorous testing in a lab environment to ensure maximum quality and potency. Their products have no artificial, added ingredients that can take away from the efficacy of their products – it’s honest, true, natural health.

Extensive Quality Control

By the time it reaches you, every Kiwiherb product has undergone strict quality control measures to ensure that every bottle that leaves the factory is of the highest possible quality, including the content and packaging. If it’s not the perfect mix of natural ingredients that’s promised on the label, their quality control team ensures it won’t leave the factory.

Accredited by MedSafe

All Kiwiherb products have been produced and tested in laboratories that adhere to the strictest international standards, and their laboratories have been accredited by MedSafe to ensure that the products are produced according to strict standards and only the highest quality batches reach the consumer.

Natural Solutions

If you’d like to replace most of your traditional over-the-counter medicine cabinet with more traditional solutions for you and your family’s health, there’s no better choice than Kiwiherb. They offer a comprehensive natural health solution for almost every ailment you can think of, from a cough through to boosting the general immunity when your health could use a general pick-me-up.

Great Support

If there’s anything you’d like to know about the products they offer, just get in touch with the main Kiwiherb team and they’ll tell you what you want to know – including just how much you should take, and if the product you want to order can be used with any other products you might be taking. They’re quick to respond to questions, and they’re happy to get back in touch.

If you have a specific question that relates to their herbal products or your health, you can ask their medical herbalists through a button on their website – and yes, you can ask them anything you want to know if you’d like to know it. There are no embarrassing questions, especially not for medical professionals.

Product Overview

Which products make the Kiwiherb range one of the best on the market? Here’s more about what you can find in the Kiwiherb range – and should probably have on your shelves right now if you want to make a choice to live better and healthier.

  • Products for Children’s Health: If you have kids (or someone else in the family does), you’ll know that a child’s immunity acts like a battlefield for most of their childhood, and the Kiwiherb range of products has an entire range of products that are safe for children to use, and recommended by medical experts for the most common ailments.
  • Immunity Boosters: Good health starts with healthy living, and the Kiwiherb range of immunity boosters include some of the best herbal combinations to keep you in good health – including good old Echinacea that’s been responsibly sourced and perfectly extracted for that extra boost your health needs.
  • Stress & Sleep: Stress and insomnia affects more people than you would think, and it can take the wind right out of your sails; if you’re losing sleep or just going through a stressful time, Kiwiherb has an excellent range of natural, nonaddictive products guaranteed to help you stress less and sleep better.
  • Menopause: This is the kind of thing that we doubt any Aspiring Gentleman would buy for themselves, but it’s still on offer – and a great recommendation if you have a female friend who could use a recommendation for a great product.
  • Digestion & Detox: Digestive issues take all of the fun out of food, and if you have any issues with your digestive system it’s best sorted out early – and quickly – so you can get right back to your life. Kiwiherb offers an extensive range of products just for improving digestion, or finally getting to that detox.
  • Topical: In addition to everything else, Kiwiherb also offers a range of topical products, meant for skin and oral health – including the best natural creams to care for your skin, hair, mouth or nails, from natural mouthwash to insect repellent guaranteed not to cause allergies or itching.

Worldwide Shipping

Worldwide Shipping

Kiwiherb products are available at most pharmacies in New Zealand – but if you’re located outside NZ or want to order online, their products ship to most parts of the world. If you order directly from the main Kiwiherb website, you can even put in an order to have some of the products shipped to a family member or friend – and once you’ve tried it, you’ll want to!

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