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How To Use A Pain Relief Rub

How To Use A Pain Relief Rub
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Any kind of damage to the muscles or joints or other parts of the body can cause pain. Pain is a signal to the body that some part of it is damaged so that the person applies some medicine to help in healing the damage or at least does not let the pain worsen. When in pain, a person will find it difficult to focus on the work which he is doing. Often the pain will worsen at night, making it difficult to sleep well and cause other health problems related to lack of sleep. Hence many people are interested in finding a suitable pain relief rub to alleviate their pain quickly.

How pain is reduced

The pain relief product is applied on the area where the person is experiencing pain, rubbing it in to penetrate the skin to reach the damaged area of the muscles, ligaments. The rub’s active ingredients are analgesics, which will help reduce inflammation and help in healing the damaged muscles or other parts quickly. Usually, the rub is effective in reducing the pain only when there is less damage. Elderly persons above the age of sixty are more likely to experience pain since their body will heal more slowly.

Active ingredients

The active ingredients in the pain relief rub are responsible for reducing the pain, so it is advisable to check these ingredients before purchasing the product. The manufacturer will specify the active ingredients as well as the other ingredients. It is better to use a rub with active ingredients derived from natural sources like camphor and menthol since they are less likely to have side effects. The other ingredients in the rub make it easy to apply the rub and help the active ingredients get delivered to the damaged area, which is causing pain.


The rub can be used for reducing the pain caused for different reasons. Joint and muscle strain, especially while exercising or playing sports, is one of the main reasons people experience pain. Backache and arthritis are some of the other more common reasons why people experience pain. Neck and shoulder pain is often caused due to poor posture, lack of support, and carrying heavy items on the shoulder. The rub should be applied three or four times a day. If the pain does not reduce within one week, there may be a more severe problem, due to which it is better to take medical advice.

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It is advisable to test the rub on a small area of the skin to check for an allergic reaction while using it for the first time. The rub should not be applied if the skin is irritated, inflamed, or has injuries. It will take some time for the rub to get absorbed in the skin, so the area where it is applied, should not be covered with fabric or other materials. The rub should not be applied for at least one hour before bathing since it may get washed away and will not be effective in alleviating pain.

Featured Image by Tumisu on Pixabay

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