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How to Help a Loved One Through a Cancer Journey


If you know someone who has been diagnosed with cancer, you might want to jump to the rescue and bring some comfort to the journey. You can do a lot of things to show your support, as well as make things easier for them during this hard time. Here are some tips for helping a loved one who has been diagnosed with cancer. 

Go with them to medical appointments when you can 


medical appointments

If your friends or family members need someone at this time, you should volunteer to be there. Patients with someone to drive them to medical appointments will feel as if the time goes by faster. Sometimes this is one of the nicest things you can do for their day and overall well-being. A doctor’s office can feel slow and sullen when someone’s health is poor. It’s nice to have a friend or family member there to pass the time. 

Some appointments take longer than others. It depends if they are going through chemotherapy or getting a routine full body mri scan for cancer. You can also find a local scanning center and book a private MRI scan online. Having someone to talk to can make these appointments feel less like a chore. 

Help them gather information

Sometimes those diagnosed with cancer just want more information. They might not have the time or the resources to do tons of research themselves, but you can. Ask them what they want to know more about and come back to them with some information. This could be at-home remedies after chemotherapy treatment or even ways to eat better. Whatever they are interested in knowing, your doing some research will give them peace of mind. 

Be a friend and plan fun things together, while also respecting their alone time 

People diagnosed with cancer might start feeling down on life or themselves. All you can do in this case is be a friend. It’s a good idea to plan fun events to do together so that they remember to focus on the small things in life. Plan a day trip that you have been wanting to go on and ask if the loved one is able to come along. This is a fantastic way to spend quality time together and help patients unwind without the stressors of doctor visits and medications. 

Their alone time is also something to consider. You don’t want to suffocate them with your love. Make sure you’re respecting their time to themselves before you are asking them to do things together. Having fun with people is important, but everyone is different. Too many people around them all the time could leave them feeling uncomfortable and suffocated. Be sure to be mindful of their wishes during this time.

Assist with simple everyday tasks 

Depending on the stage in their cancer journey, some everyday tasks might become increasingly difficult for them. This could be especially true for those who live alone. Ask what you can do to make their life easier. This could mean picking up groceries, getting gas, cleaning, or checking and responding to emails. When someone isn’t feeling their best, these tasks can become more and more difficult to complete. With your help, they won’t have to fixate on the fact that they are having trouble doing everyday tasks. 

These are all thoughtful ways to be there for a loved one who has cancer. Being diagnosed can be a stressful time for them, but you can do a lot to give them hope and confidence. Radiate positivity and put yourself in a helpful position.