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Health Issues to Look for When You Have an Older Dog

Health Issues to Look for When You Have an Older Dog
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If you are here because you want to study some health concerns of your dog that you’ve recently noticed, you are at the right place! Like homo-sapiens, dogs also show changes in their health as they begin to age.

If your old pet has started showing some concerns like bad breath, weight disorder, bleeding gums, lipomas, weaker eyesight, forgetfulness, sleeplessness, hair loss, etc., then you must read this article till the end.  

While there is nothing serious to worry about, it’s still best to be aware. Your little dog Tony is grown-up and is now older. Age is an inevitable factor, and all we can do is research health concerns and visit a veterinarian for further treatment.

With older dogs, the visits to the vet may become more frequent. To make sure they don’t dry out your wallet, a good idea is to find dog insurance.

Without making any further delay, let’s begin:

1. Overweight or Underweight

When we see humans incapable of maintaining their weight when they grow old, how can we expect these innocent animals to maintain their weight as they grow older?

Senior dogs need a diet specifically designed for their age. Their diet should be rich in protein, vitamins E and C, with the right content of calories. A less active dog will require a smaller meal than an active dog.

So, if your dog has started gaining weight at an alarming rate, it’s a matter of concern. There are chances your pet is suffering from various diseases, like diabetes, heart disease, or even cancer. On the other hand, if your pet has started losing a lot of weight, it is again a serious alarm about its health. Pet insurance is an affordable way to mitigate or even prevent issues like these. Your dog gets a fast diagnosis and treatment, and the insurance provider covers the costs. 

To maintain its proper weight, you need to follow a diet that suits your age, activity, and body type.

2. Signs of Aging

If you have not yet heard of Dog Dementia, it is a disease among dogs caused by canine cognitive dysfunction.

Like us, senior-aged dogs show signs of aging, such as not sleeping at night, panting, unconscious behavior, and forgetfulness. If such a condition arises with your pet, you must visit a vet and get your furry friend checked for any underlying issues.

3. Weak Eyesight

Again, this symptom is very common in aging humans as well. Similarly, your dog might also struggle with weaker eyesight as he begins to age.

older dog
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If your dog has started bumping into the surroundings or if you see any discomfort in its eyes, it might be due to specific eyesight issues such as dry eye syndrome, cataracts, corneal damage, or conjunctivitis. All you need to do is seek medical treatment for your friend, and everything will be fine.

4. Frequent Urination

Frequent urination or discolored urination in dogs might have relations with diabetes or kidney disease. Strained urination may be a result of a urinary tract infection. Also, some food-related changes might result in frequent, discolored, or strained urination.

These problems become common in senior dogs, and you must visit a vet if you see similar kinds of symptoms in your pet. 

5. Oral or Skin problems (lumps and hair loss)

If you haven’t been careful about your dog’s oral health and he often has bad breath or bleeding gums, it can prove to be an issue in the future. Well, it’s never too late. You can get started with a healthy routine for the oral hygiene of your pet.

Skin rash, tiny bumps, and hair loss might result from an unclean environment and lack of protein in your dog’s diet. If you notice some lumps on your pet’s skin, they can also be benign lipomas, accumulated fatty masses which are not cancerous. 

However, only a vet can distinguish between dangerous growth and benign growth. All these health issues become more probable as your dog begins to age.

Over to you…

These are some of the health issues your dog might be subjected to if it is aging. Hence, you must put in the desired effort to keep your pet healthy and happy by regularly checking its routine, diet, and supplies. To maintain a regular supply of its food items, you must explore trustable marketplaces like PETstock Australia.

Also, by now, you must have understood the importance of visiting a veterinarian regularly with your furry buddy. Apart from these, spend a lot of time with your senior pet to make him feel accompanied, beloved and blessed. 

Featured Photo by Michael on Unsplash