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Great Support System Helped In My Recovery Journey

Great Support System Helped In My Recovery Journey
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Having a Great Support System Helped Me In My Recovery Journey

Anyone recovering from an addiction or trauma will significantly benefit from a solid support system. Support systems will are critical in helping individuals recovering to cope with stress and triggers that may lead to a relapse. Having a great support system helped in my recovery journey, and here are some of the reasons why.

Great Support System Helped In My Recovery Journey
Image by Anemone123 for Pixabay

A great support system will make challenges bearable.

When I was recovering, challenges often overwhelmed me, leaving me feeling stressed and anxious. Having people, I can rely on helped me face the challenges without having to resort back to my addiction. More often than not, they provided a different point of view, an insight that made the situation seem less of a challenge, but rather, a more manageable situation.

A great support system will make social situations more manageable.

During recovery, I tried to avoid any social interaction as much as possible. This is because of my social anxiety, which was one of the causes of my addiction. A family member at my side in a social setting helped me relax a bit more and interact with others in a calm demeanor, instead of feeling rather awkward. With the help of a men’s therapy center, it made me overcome the anxiousness of getting social with strangers. The weekly adventure therapy sessions I attended helped by allowing us to interact with others who were also going through the program.

A great support system helped in keeping me on track.

Support Group
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There are instances wherein I tend to get overly confident in my recovery journey, such that I failed to notice, which led me to fall back into old habits. My family and friends never fell short of providing a valuable reminder about my behavior and what I can do to keep me on track. While there were scenarios where I hesitated to follow their guidance, I figured out in the end that their reminders were all well-meaning.

A great support system provided me with empowerment.

My family and closest friends became my cheerleaders when I was going through several rough patches in my recovery period. They helped me find the positive in every difficult situation that I went through, encouraging me to keep on going with my recovery, reassuring me that I will be able to overcome these challenges. Without them, perhaps I would have given in to frustration whenever stuck in a bad situation.

A great support system helped me build my self-esteem.

Suffering from addiction took all the confidence I had in me. Fortunately enough, I had the best support system that helped me build my self-esteem back. It feels excellent to have people who genuinely root for my success, boosting my confidence, making me feel that I will be able to conquer the difficulties that may come my way.

To wrap things up

a great support system is truly beneficial for individuals who are on their road to recovery. Keep in mind that there is strength in numbers, and with a support system that encourages a positive outlook, an individual recovering from addiction or trauma will be able to look forward to a healthy and new lifestyle. While you cannot avoid the highs and lows of recovery, everything will be more manageable with a great support system. You need to be able to have a good idea of who will be able to help you. Nevertheless, the important thing is understanding the kind of support that you need to ensure the success of your recovery because this is one of the most fundamental aspects that greatly helped with mine.