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Tips to Stay Active for A Busy Dad

Tips to Stay Active for A Busy Dad
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For most dads, Job, family, as well as fitness goals are their top priority. However, balancing these goals is the real test. Every man with a job and family will agree that as it is, their plate is pretty much full. They often have their hands full with work-related deadlines, new opportunities, and most importantly, waiting on their family’s beck and call. Squeezing some extra time to hit the gym is close to impossible to try and stay active. Luckily, whether short or tall, stocky or thin, dark or light-skinned, all fathers have a dad bod. Thanks to this bod, dads can lift their kids when they fall, chase them around inside and outside the house, give them a warm hug when sad, and lift items that are too heavy for the children.

To maintain a great physique and accomplish these duties effortlessly, dads need to stay active and at the same time be available to spend as many hours as possible with their family. Squeezing thirty minutes for a gym session each day can be difficult, especially when considering that family and work come first. However, every dad needs to balance the important aspects of their lives, which can be accomplished through the following tricks.

Consume Healthy Juices

The human body needs energy and optimal health to stay active. With so many responsibilities looking up to them, most dads find healthy living to be an uphill project, and they end up rushing to the nearest fast food, grabbing whatever is on the menu, and running back to work. This is why every busy dad should buy a juicer machine. A good juicer will allow them the much-needed opportunity to consume energy-ridden juices in the morning or even during the day rather than the usual coffee and junk foods. They can read more at veranda-interiors.com about the different types of juicer reviews, which are highly efficient and easy to use so they can have the right machine before they start juicing.

For example, they can drink a delightful carrot juice in the morning which can be easily made by a good quality juicer that will make this juicing process easier for them. The juice will provide their body with a massive amount of beta-carotene. This refers to an antioxidant that works with oxygenating the blood, body tissues, and brain. They should also consider taking apple juice for breakfast, giving them an instant burst of energy due to its high content of natural sugars. Another incredible energy booster is beetroot juice, which is also rich in antioxidants and nitrates.

Schedule Outdoor Activities

The fun begins when the kids reach a certain age, let’s say 3, at which point they become coordinative and mobile. This gives a dad a chance to hit two birds with one stone. By accompanying the kids to a local park, the busy dad will stay active while also spending fun times with his loved ones. Swings, benches, poles, monkey bars, and poles can all serve as exercise equipment.

Monkey bars will, for instance, come in handy for press-ups, leg raises, chin-ups, pull-ups, and dips. Other exercises that a dad can accomplish at the park include box jumps on a set of stairs or a bench. Lastly, babies can serve as extra weight for squats, overhead lunges, and sit-ups.

Introduce a Sport During Family Days

Family time is extremely important; it builds self-esteem among the children, and a dad gets to witness his kids’ milestones. It also creates and strengthens family ties, so it shouldn’t be sacrificed for personal exercise routines. However, this shouldn’t be a dad’s excuse not to have some exercise daily. He can solidify his relationship with his kids while also keeping fit by introducing them to a sport that requires significant energy input.

For instance, the entire family can go out to a grass field with a soccer ball to kick and chase around. The dad can also introduce a spiral to throw around, practice batting, or even shooting hoops. Also, they can play golf and leave the golf cart to walk the course if possible. By the end of the day, the dad will have spent great family time with his loved ones while also staying active. It’s a win-win situation for every member of the family.

A Healthy Competition

As the kids get older, staying active for a dad with a tight schedule becomes much easier. At this point, he can set the kids for a race challenge, workout session, or even a dribbling game. The dad should, however, note that competition brings out the worst and best in people. With his kids being grown adults, a dad should not feel like a loser when his kids surpass his prowess; besides, they are much younger and full of energy. Whatever the final results, the kids need encouragement and praise. This will help them develop a positive attitude towards competition, build strong self-esteem and associate great feelings with exercising. Physical activities are also beneficial for the kids’ health. For example, staying active helps build strong muscles and bones, reduce the risk of obesity, and promote healthy growth.

While staying active is a key ingredient to leading a healthy lifestyle, most dads hardly get a chance to hit the gym. Luckily, adhering to the above healthy choices can facilitate a dad’s efforts to lead an active life and still be available whenever his family needs him. Besides, the benefits of exercising with family beat the purpose of catching up with old friends at the gym. This could be the one thing busy dads need to maintain a chiseled body despite their busy lives. 

Featured Image by Pexels from Pixabay