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Men and Back Pain: Exercising Your Way to Wellness With Ease

Men and Back Pain
Image by Felix Henniges from Pixabay

Men and Back Pain: Exercising Your Way to Wellness With Ease

Many men suffer from back pain at some point in their life and it can be difficult to contend with if you are experiencing discomfort and pain on a regular basis.

Back pain can be caused by an unexpected injury at work or it can be down to poor posture and a lack of the right type of exercise to strengthen your back and keep it in good shape.

There are specialist firms like www.slatergordon.co.uk that can help you get the compensation and treatment you deserve if a work-related accident causes you to suffer a back injury. As a fitness coach however, my role is to make people aware that there are also techniques and methods of exercising your way to wellness, and helping to alleviate from back pain. Either way, specialist help should always be sought after a serious injury.

Men and Back Pain
Image by Felix Henniges from Pixabay

Common back injuries

There are almost infinite ways in which you can suffer a problem with your back and a number of recognized types of injury that you can sustain as a result.

A spinal facet impingement is the term used to describe what happens when this part of your vertebrate becomes locked in a particular position as a result of either something like a quick and unnatural movement, or when you strain a muscle when lifting a heavy object.

A slipped disc is another common injury along with a pinched nerve or a muscle strain. Depending on the particular back injury or specific pain you are suffering, there are often ways to reduce the risk of injuring yourself in the in the first place and relieve your back pain through exercise.

Exercises for a stronger upper back

There are a few exercise routines you can do strengthen your upper back and create the perfect v-shaped torso in the process.

An essential fundamental component of your workout is a stretching exercise which will work on loosening every muscle in your back.

Many of us spend a lot of our day with our back in the same position, so every hour in traffic or sitting at your PC is going to take its toll and lead to poor posture and subsequent back pain.

Practice the corkscrew exercise as an essential part of your regular routine along with some other routines like the big row, which works your middle back and shoulders and teaches you to stop lifting with your arms and using your back properly for easier and a hopefully safer lifting technique.

Your aim

Your basic aim with any exercise regime that is targeted towards protecting and improving the strength of your back, is to both relieve any existing pain you have and minimize your chances of a future incident.

If you can successfully increase the endurance levels of deep back and abdominal muscles, this will help to increase the stability of your spine and should ultimately reduce lower-back stress.

Poor posture increases the degree of stress being put on your vertebrae and you run the risk of a compacted-disc as well.

If you can improve your posture by paying attention to the way you sit and handle yourself throughout the day and exercise your back regularly too, you will be giving yourself a better opportunity of avoiding back pain and also potentially reduce the prospect of injuring yourself.

Christian Barrett is a personal trainer and rehabilitative fitness coach. He enjoys sharing his pain management ideas and experiences with an online audience. His posts mainly appear on fitness and injury related websites.