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Health and Social Benefits of Lean Muscle Mass to Men

Lean Muscle Mass to Men

To have a lean body mass is the dream of many men in their teens, twenties, thirties, forties and even fifties.

It is a goddamn good thing to have a good looking body devoid of any unnecessary fat.

That’s why, billions of dollars are spent every year by hundreds of millions of men on fitness programs, fat loss programs, workout books, training gear, and supplements in a bid to attain a lean and mean physique.

We all know how difficult it is to get a lean muscle mass. But most do not know the fruits that await us should we succeed.

In this article, we are going to break down all the main health and social benefits you can get by getting yourself lean. These benefits should motivate you to train harder and put in more effort in your journey towards a lean physique.

Here are the best benefits you could get:

  1. You will get sexy

You will get sexy

There is no male physique as attractive as that one which is lean and has all the abs and other muscles showing clearly.

Ladies love men who are fit. They also love abs.

And yes, you could be a smooth talker, but it wouldn’t hurt to improve your chances by getting a lean physique, would it?

So if summer is around the corner or you would like to look your sexiest for your wedding, getting a lean physique should certainly be on your itinerary.

  1. You will get better fitting clothes

If you have ever been obese or overweight then you will know how hard it is to get some fitting clothes for big guys. It is as if most clothing stores make the same kind of t-shirts and only stock the three known sizes – small, medium and large. No XL or XXL.

The clothes also often look bad on bad physiques. Nonetheless, if you work hard in the gym and become a lean beast, you will be pleasantly surprised at how easy it will be for you to get better fitting clothes.

  1. Bros will love the new you

Obesity and being overweight are almost always caused by being really inactive, lazy and spending most of your time eating junk food.

If this has been you for the last couple of years, then it is probably the case that you are a couch potato. The most kind of fun you can have is binge-watching movies and playing the latest video games.

Also, you probably don’t have time for your bros. This may be because of the lack of energy (being unfit is energy sapping) or because you subconsciously aren’t confident enough to step out frequently.

However, training hard and proving your grit in the gym can get you fit and with a lean physique that will make your bros proud of you. A physique that is bubbling with energy and ready for the next physical challenge.

A body that will make your “couch-potatoeing” days, a thing of the past. You will be a new and exciting version of yourself that is always ready to go out and have the best fun any time of the day.

  1. You could enjoy some sports

No team wants a player that is going to make them lose. Not even Sunday league football or basketball teams.

Being obese or overweight means you are probably going to be that player. This is regardless of how good you actually are.

However, by turning things around and getting leaner, fitter and stronger through training, you could become the best players in your local sports league. Friends and neighbors could soon be cheering your name.

  1. Better cardiovascular health

The leaner you are, the better your cardiovascular health.

Being fat puts a lot of pressure and stress on your heart and blood vessels. The pressure could increase blood pressure which could, in turn, cause plenty of side effects and dangers.

However, as a lighter version of yourself, you will probably be exercising more often and become much more active than you were before. This will keep your heart strong and more efficient in doing its work.

  1. Low risk of diabetes


Studies have shown that being overweight increases the risk of getting diabetes.

This is especially sad considering how bad diabetes is as a disease. Apart from the dangerous effects, it poses to your health, being diagnosed with diabetes could force you to stop eating some of your favorite food and snacks just to stay alive. It could also put you on injections for the rest of your life.

However, as a lean muscle machine, your chances of getting diabetes will be extremely low.

  1. Efficient metabolism and lower chances of getting obese again

There is a phrase, that “God helps those who help themselves”. Nothing is truer than this in the context of burning fat.

Think of it this way, as an overweight it is extremely difficult to lose weight, however, when you train hard and get plenty of lean muscle mass, your body will essentially become a very efficient fat incinerator.

Any fat you consume will be almost instantly burnt by your hungry muscles. Hence, it will be difficult for you go gain back any fat weight.

To become an even more efficient fat-burner and eliminate your chances of regaining any weight, you should consider supporting your lean physique with some natural cutting supplements. Check out this site for more information on this.


There are dozens of amazing social and health benefits associated with getting a lean body mass. For example, you will become more attractive, you will have more fitting clothes and you could be able to do more things outdoors than you may be able to do right now. Moreover, a lean physique gives you better cardiovascular health and reduces your risk of getting diabetes. Now that you know what you are working for, you can put in even more effort and discipline to achieve your fitness goals.

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