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Confidence is Always the Best Accessory

Everyone dreams of being taller. Whether you are 6’1” or 5’3”, if given the option, you probably wouldn’t refuse an extra inch or two. It’s a fairly primal ideal, but we’re programmed to feel that bigger and taller also means stronger and better. Unfortunately, not all of us are naturally born with height, but many feel that there’s no harm in reaping the benefits that accompany it. These include career success, better overall self-esteem, and most importantly, confidence. Not being gifted with the best genes no longer has to mean that you can’t develop that crucial extra confidence!

This is where modern techniques come in. There are lots of options available to people willing to dish out a little money: one of them involves a surgery that literally breaks bones in order to insert extensions into the length of your legs. If you don’t want to deal with the months of pain and recovery that that entails, however, you still have the option of using elevator shoes and shoe Insoles. These purchases give you a small boost while remaining discreet as purchases. For example, if you check out AddHeight.com and their memory foam and silicone gel inserts, you’ll see that they are completely unnoticeable at every angle.

The problems arise when lifts and inserts are badly made, because nothing is worse than being uncomfortable, off-balance, and in pain when you develop a blister. If you’re going to dive into extra height, do it right! Boost your self esteem and confidence using products that actually work instead of the cheap ones that will only serve to make you even more self-conscious.


Often times, the best purchase of this kind can give you more than just a height advantage: when you wear Add Height insoles, the support and stability provided at the base of the foot can serve to alleviate pain in high impact areas:

  • Ankles
  • knees
  • Shoulders
  • Middle and lower back

These, however, are benefits not often gained when purchasing and using generic insoles. You’re better off going with a brand-name insole, since they are medically proven methods for maintaining balance and support. Overall, you can stand taller and stronger both physically and mentally when you buy quality insoles.

Another important thing to think about when making your purchase is convenience. While elevator shoes and full-foot insoles require you to either wear that specific shoe or to modify the insole for size and fit each time you use it, heel inserts require no such attention. Instead of having to worry about what you can and cannot wear when you need your extra boost, simply buy the one product from Add Height that is made to last and can be worn with any shoe, making the whole process hassle-free.

The right multi-purpose purchase cans simplify your life and make quick work of your self esteem issues. In addition, while they can’t be used for high intensity workouts, they’re good to last you throughout the whole day without any problems!

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