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The Benefits of Adding Resistance Bands To Your Workout

Incorporating resistance bands into your workout is something that you should consider even if you have never used the bands before.  While these bands are fairly simple in structure they add serious challenges to your workout and can help you achieve your fitness goals.  Resistance bands are rubber bands made of varying thickness and allow you to complete strength-based exercises without the use of weights.


Adaptable To Fitness Levels

The primary benefit of these bands is that they can be adapted to your fitness level.  This is due to the varying thickness of the band.  Thinner bands offer less resistance than thicker ones and you can combine bands to create the resistance level that you want.

Affordable And Portable

Buying a set of dumbbells for strength training can be very expensive while a resistance band can cost as little as $10.  You can also buy these bands with workout DVDs for less than $50 making them a very affordable option.  Another benefit is that they can easily be transported so you can take them with you when you travel.  This means that you never have to worry about missing your workout because you are away from home.

Whole Body Movements

If weight loss is your ultimate goal then any fitness expert will tell you that exercises that move multiple muscle groups are best.  Resistance bands can be used to target a number of different muscles groups throughout the body.  There are certain exercises that use resistance bands that target the entire body at once. For example, you can do a back workout at home with resistance bands to strengthen your back.

Switch Up Your Routine

Switching up your workout routine allows you to work the different parts of your body and ensure that every muscle group is exercised.  Resistance bands such as those offered by fitnessexpertreview.com offer a versatility that ensures you can work all parts of your body.  They can also be used as a supplement to gym equipment and free weights to ensure you challenge the body and muscles.

Offers An Effective Workout

Resistance bands not only help you with strength-based exercises, but they also help with flexibility and motion ranges.  Stamina is another area that these bands will be able to help you with.

Exercises To Try

There are a number of resistance band exercises that you should consider.  Understanding the basic exercises will allow you to experiment with them to find the ones that work well for you.

The first exercise to consider is the standing row.  With this exercise, you will loop the resistance band around a solid object like a pole or tree.  You will have to bend your knees slightly resting your weight on your heel, tighten the abs, and bring the shoulders down.  You should then row back with each hand and if you need more resistance you can take a step back.

Another exercise is the squat where you place the resistance band under your feet.  Your feet should be shoulder-width with the toes pointing forward.  Hold the handles of the band and bring them up to shoulder height keeping them there for the entire exercise.  You can then squat and push back up into a standing position.  A thicker band will offer more resistance for this exercise.

The last exercise to consider is the overhead press where you position the bands in the same way as the squat.  However, instead of squatting you will start with your arms at 90-degree angles from the shoulder and bring them up over your head.  This should be repeated with a thicker band for more resistance.