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Apathetic Athletic: Non-Boring Exercises

It’s quite a bore sometimes, getting back into fitness after some time away. You may have spent your youth on a skateboard or even doing something reckless to satisfy the daredevil in you, and going to the gym to do a few reps or an hour on the treadmill is completely boring by comparison. But getting back to fitness after a long break doesn’t need to be a dull experience. Look at a few of these and see what floats your boat and trims your gut!


If you misspent your youth in nightclubs and just miss the days where you danced like a loon into the early hours but cannot because you’ve got to get up for work at 7 am, this will help you take a trip down memory lane! This exercise class is in the dark, as all exercise classes should be so you don’t feel so self-conscious, and only water is on the cards. And the neon headbands are purely optional!



It was even described by Homer Simpson as “the perfect exercise!” There are trampoline parks around if you know where to look, but if not, get one for the back garden! The sheer enjoyment factor of bouncing around a trampoline obstacle course should come with a warning “beware, it may be fun, but you will give your body a total workout!” If it’s that fun, surely it can’t be good for us? Well, it does many things. Besides the exercise, it will strengthen your lung capacity, improve your balance, and is a low-impact exercise, meaning that it won’t wear on your joints and limbs like intense exercise does.

Join An Endurance Group


There are many ways to get fit with groups like CrossFit and the Tough Mudder collective. But if your idea of fun is something other than dragging tires or getting covered in muck from head to toe, you should invest in joining a sports group, like the ones Monster Energy promote. It is a stricter regime than a normal group because they look to have people represent the brand, but if you are hoping to become a proper athlete, this is a benchmark to aim for! So if you have interests in daredevil sports like snowboarding or BMX, it’s worth having a look. You can get a head start on the slopes by reading these snowboarding tips for beginners ahead of time!

Hot Yoga


If you are into new-age methods of keeping fit, and you are looking for something more than yoga or Pilates, hot yoga has been taking fitness classes by storm. Hot yoga is a bit different to the normal practice, mainly because the heating is cranked up to an unbearable amount! But the benefit of doing stretches in this type of atmosphere gives you a great workout and helps you to stretch even further than before. The fact that you are sweating buckets too helps to cleanse the body of any toxins. So if you are looking for something a bit different, give this a try.

Exercising is something a lot of people either love madly or completely hate! See what makes you want to get back on the bike and get fit and fun.