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Accentuating the Positive – How to Show a Better Body

It has well been said that fashion changes, but style endures. The same can be said for your body. The packaging changes but the proportions stick around like those restaurant left-overs in the fridge. Body shaming is universally bad and taking pride in one’s shape no matter how large all sounds well and good on social media, but let’s face it. We’re all a little vain. Wanting to look one’s best isn’t a sign of psychotic pathology. How to show a better body in what you choose to wear.

So, here’s a little advice on how to make the most of what you have.

Accent the positive

Think of your aging body as your new outfit. Only your body can tell your story, so get ready to regale any and all. Slowed metabolism, stress and changing estrogen supply will make ups and downs in weight a fact of life. Just accept it while you keep an eye on the scale.

Don’t waste your waist

Dangerous B-curves – bust and booty – look great at any age, if you’ve got a waist. But over age 50, Golden Corral prices include more than the cost of the meal. Belly fat really knocks out that hourglass effect. For your looks and your health, start to eat smarter and control your portions. Get your butt outside for some exercise and make sure the rest of your body follows it.

Making best use of wrap dresses and tops will help you look your best if waist size is no longer your friend.

Accept the obvious

If you have naturally wide hips, a short neck, thick calves, short legs, or large breasts, you’re pretty much stuck with them. You can compensate by wearing one-piece dresses, V necklines, booties instead of tall boots, high-waist pants with tapered-toe shoes, and a well-fitting support bra, respectively.

Custom tailor

Individually fitting your clothing to your proportions gets rid of the bulk of excess fabric. It’s well worth it. Here are the most important three alterations:


Remove the shoulder pads and trim away the excess fabric. Narrow the sleeves and raise the armholes. Elevate the shoulder line and take in the waist for a lean and sculpted look. Slim-waist blazers will make your legs look longer.


Nip them at the back or side seams, and elevate the shoulder line to make a smoother look across the chest. This is especially eye-catching if you’re particularly well-endowed.


Bring ankle pants and cropped jeans up to just north of the anklebone. Revealing the narrowest part of the leg is elongating. Accent them with tapered-toe flats. You won’t need heels.

Also, hem skirt and dress lengths to the top of the knee or just an inch or so above.

Show a Better Body – Loving lingerie

Invest in a molded cup bra with seamless microfiber. You’ll love the feel and it will manage your increased bust size and sag while letting you wear thin fabrics without the nipple show-through.

Try out a set of seamless hipster girl-shorts. They won’t bind or grab fleshier bits at the hip and leg.