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8 Benefits of Having a Personal Trainer

8 Benefits of Having a Personal Trainer
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If you want to start physical training, you may wonder whether to go it alone or hire a personal trainer. The question that will continue crossing your mind is whether people really need a personal trainer and what are the benefits.

Sometimes you may be pulled back by the cost implications, thinking that a personal trainer may charge you a lot of money, but that isn’t the case. Of course, a personal trainer will charge you some fee, but the charges are quite affordable and can’t match the benefits you’ll get.

Some of the benefits of having a personal trainer include:

1. A personal trainer will educate you

The fact that personal trainers are also educationists is perhaps the main reason why people hire them. For example, personal training in Vancouver is conducted by experts who can educate you on exercise, fitness, health, diet, etc.

The knowledge a personal trainer instills in you will enable you to achieve your fitness goals. It will also help you understand what you are supposed to do to achieve those goals. A fitness professional will also be available to answer all your questions in a personalized and detailed manner. This will help you more than having to turn to Google or YouTube.

2. Help you get a perfect form

When training alone, you may not know which postures are harmful and which ones are correct. A professional trainer will not only tell you about correct postures but will also demonstrate them. They will also teach you the proper techniques that ensure you perform the exercises efficiently and correctly.

Personal trainer showing form
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Having a good posture minimizes the chances of injuries and maximizes your results. If you’re looking to improve your posture and prevent injuries during your workouts, consider working with a one on one personal trainer near you. A professional trainer will not only instruct you on how to perform the exercise but also demonstrate it for you before allowing you to try it under their supervision. This ensures that you perform exercises efficiently and correctly, minimizing the chances of injuries and maximizing your workout results.

3. Will cater to your personal needs

Everybody is unique. Your abilities and requirements aren’t the same as that of the person next to you in the gym. A professional trainer will consider your fitness level, health, weight, etc., before designing a personalized exercise regime for you.

The trainer will also consider whether you have any injuries and types of exercises that cannot worsen your situation. They will also consider your exercise goals, whether you want to build muscles, lose weight, or participate in a competition.

4. Will enhance accountability

When training alone, you can easily come up with excuses to miss training because you’ll not be accountable to anyone. Exercising alone promotes procrastination. You’ll keep on making statements like “I will start tomorrow.” This is not the case when you have a personal trainer. 

A professional trainer will ensure you stick to your goals and never miss your exercises. The trainer will keep pushing you and even reminding you about your training sessions. When you have someone following up and encouraging you like this, you’ll most likely achieve your goals.

5. Help you maximize results and minimize time wastage

Time is of the essence when it comes to training. Training doesn’t mean your life has to come to a standstill. You’ll still have to work, spend time with family, and have time to rest.

A personal trainer will help you fix the best time for your training session and ensure you make the best out of it. The trainer will help you manage your time at the gym. They know how long you should spend on a particular machine or how long you can perform specific exercises to get the maximum benefit.

6. Provide nutritional guidance

Nutrition and fitness go hand in hand. The trainer will help you design a diet that matches your workout needs. For example, if your goal is to lose weight, the trainer will create a diet that does not promote weight gain. 

Weight loss
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At the same time, the trainer will also design for you exercises that help with fat-burning. The trainer will balance your diet to get all the nutrients you need plus the energy you need for your workouts. Additionally, the trainer will ensure you burn more calories than you consume.

7. Improve mental health

Workouts are not only meant to improve physical health. They also play a significant role in boosting mental health. Workouts are known to alleviate mental conditions such as depression and anxiety. If, by chance, you are depressed, your trainer will choose exercises that motivate you and make you have positive thoughts. Your personal trainer is also your confidant. They can provide you with a shoulder to lean on when things don’t seem to go your way.

8. Boost your confidence

A personal trainer will help you achieve your fitness goals and help with your overall well-being. They’ll get concerned when you are stressed because they know this will affect your eating habit and how you perform at the gym. If you are feeling low, they’ll step in to boost your confidence.

Even if you are not working out as required, they’ll not scold you but will use words of encouragement. Even if you fail a particular exercise, they’ll be very patient with you and will encourage you to try it over and over again until you master it. This is not the case when you are training alone, in which case you’ll give up after a few attempts.


If you had never thought of having a personal trainer, the above benefits should encourage you to do so. Choose a personal trainer that’s experienced, friendly, and dedicated. Choose someone who understands your situation and the goals you are trying to achieve. However, you have to remember that achieving these goals requires your effort. 

You don’t have to leave everything in the hands of your personal trainer. You must also be disciplined, dedicated, honest, and above all, a good timekeeper. Give your trainer an easy time, so they don’t have an excuse to dump you.

Featured Photo by Jonathan Borba on Unsplash