Home Health ED is NOT a Problem -Being Ashamed of it IS…!

ED is NOT a Problem -Being Ashamed of it IS…!

ED is NOT a Problem -Being Ashamed of it IS...!
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Erectile Dysfunction is one of the commonest health problems that affect men. It is a condition in which there is an insufficient blood supply to the penis, causing a severe disruption in achieving or maintaining sexual congress. Doctors often associate ED with emotional stress and low self-esteem. Men suffering from this condition are often ashamed to talk about it, let alone seek medical attention. Health2delivery medical experts insist that solving ED is one of the easiest things to accomplish with a little pharmaceutical help or lifestyle changes. Therefore, it is nothing to be ashamed of. Instead, seek help so you can get better. Finding a reliable Urologist in Stockton, Ca will help you a lot in dealing with your condition

What happens when you leave ED unsolved?

ED doesn’t just create a problem in the bedroom; it affects your whole life. It can create psychological issues in men and make them wary of engaging their partner in amorous activities. Relationships suffer due to a man’s agitated or anxious mental state, leading to arguments, tensions, quarrels, and even separation.

What causes erectile dysfunction?

Many people accept ED as just a natural part of aging. Although true to an extent, it is not just limited to the elderly. An increasing number of young men are also facing this problem. Several factors are thought to cause erectile dysfunction in today’s generation, like;

  • STD’s
  • Early sex life
  • Frequently changing partners
  • Inflammation caused by various issues
  • Consumption of alcohol, tobacco, and other psychotropic substances
  • The fast pace of life
  • A constant physical and mental fatigue
  • Obesity
  • Diabetes
  • Blood pressure conditions

They say ED is like a cry for help from the body. When it occurs, heart issues follow soon after. Many men suffer their first heart attack a few years after manifesting erectile dysfunction.

How to identify erectile dysfunction?

Erectile dysfunction presents some characteristic symptoms that make it easy to identify;

  • Complete absence of or insufficient rigidity in penile muscles
  • The disappearance of erection upon penetration
  • The disappearance of erection during intercourse
  • Failure to reach completion

What to do?

As stated at the beginning of this article, erectile dysfunction is one of the most standard conditions that affect adult males worldwide. It means you are not alone. You must keep your head high and seek treatment. Countless therapies, medicines, and medical procedures can help you gain happiness in your life back. You only need the courage to seek help. 

To resolve your erectile dysfunction issues, you must take a few steps to eliminate its causes from your lifestyle.

  • Live a healthy lifestyle
  • Slow your pace of life
  • Get sufficient rest every day
  • Increase your physical activity
  • Strive to enter the healthy weight range
  • Consume a diet that helps with ED
  • Lessen the consumption of alcohol, drugs, or fatty foods
See your doctor
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Erectile Dysfunction is a treatable condition. If nothing helps, please do not hesitate to contact your doctor and ask for a complete health checkup. If there’s an underlying medical problem responsible for ED, you will need to know and seek treatment as soon as possible. 

Last word

Sound and healthy sexuality are very important in maintaining a high quality of life. It is connected to success in almost every other aspect. It increases the general sense of happiness and contentment. Constant failures in a man’s intimate relationship significantly impact his physical and emotional health.

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