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Best Take-Home Teeth Whitening Products

Best Take-Home Teeth Whitening Products
Image by David-Jonas Frei from Pixabay

One of the biggest problems with your teeth is that they might not be as white as they should be. The real issue is that you can see that your teeth might be a yellower shade than you want them to be instead of you having a mouth of pearly whites whenever you smile. While you can go to the dentist for professional teeth cleaning, that’s not sustainable if you want to keep your pearly whites white.

So you need to invest in some take-home teeth whitening products that you can use more frequently, but with so many gels, creams, and strips out there, you might quickly find yourselves overwhelmed! Thankfully, there are some home teeth whitening products that manage to stand out from the pack, and many of them are approved or recommended by dentists too!

Here are some of the best take-home teeth whitening products that you can use to get a brighter smile!

Ultradent Opalescence Go

The dental equipment that dentists will use to brighten your teeth has hydrogen peroxide, and it acts like a bleaching agent to change the color of the teeth, removing all of the stains that might cause discoloration. Ultradent Opalescence Go has 10% hydrogen peroxide in it as well, which is strong enough to whiten your teeth while also being weak enough not to cause any harm to your teeth when you apply it as directed.

Ultradent Opalescence Go comes with several pre-filled trays that are filled with whitening gel. To get the best results, you should wear the trays for 15-30 minutes over the course of a week, and then your teeth will be shiny white!

Smile Brilliant Teeth Whitening Trays

The company Smile Brilliant has this set of Smile Brilliant Teeth Whitening Trays, which is about as close as you will get to a customizable tooth whitening service. You take and then send in molds of your upper and lower teeth, and then the company uses those molds to create trays that will fit your teeth.

The trays come with a whitening gel made from 22% carbamide peroxide (a similar bleaching agent to hydrogen peroxide). It also comes with a sensitive option if your teeth are sensitive and might react to the gel. For that option, you can use desensitizing gel to minimize the effect on your teeth and make the process more pleasant.

Crest 3D White Professional Effects Whitestrips

Of course, if you are looking for a household name that both you and your dentist can recommend, then you need to use Crest 3D White Professional Effects Whitestrips. This affordable option allows you to make your teeth look brighter after one 60-minute treatment, and you only need to use the process for 20 days. After that, your teeth can be up to 18 shades whiter!

The kits that you can buy at your local drugstore include 20 mess-free whitening strips that are coated in hydrogen peroxide, and they also cling to your teeth and remain there. So you can place the strips on your teeth and then continue on with your day. 

Additionally, other brands of toothpaste have their own kits as well, so if you don’t like Crest, there are plenty of other recognizable names to pick from!

Spotlight Oral Care Conscious Oral Care Kit

Finally, the Spotlight Oral Care Conscious Oral Care Kit is a kit that is affordable, sustainable, and very effective in what it does. These care kits include everything you might need for teeth whitening at home or on the go, and you will find a whitening pen, toothpaste, dental floss, and dental strips. 

The whitening pen and the dental floss both have hydrogen carbonate and hydrogen peroxide, and you will get a much brighter smile as you use this kit. The best part is that these kits are very affordable and easy to use, so keeping your mouth fully clean is going to be extremely easy.

Getting Dentist Level Care Is Very Easy With These Kits

You don’t always need to go to the dentist for dentist-level care on your teeth, and there are countless ways to improve the whitening of your teeth with some take-home teeth whitening products that you can find over the counter. So pick one and add it to your oral care routine, and then you can get whiter teeth within a few weeks, which is something everyone is sure to notice!

Featured Image by David-Jonas Frei from Pixabay