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Simple Ways To Deal With Stress At Work

Stress At Work

There is a silent killer at your work. It hides in the shadows, draining all your energy, disrupting your concentration and makes you reassess the confidence you have. Everyone is scared of it, your colleagues talk about it in a lower voice and your boss won’t even accept its existence.  You are probably now curious to find out the name of that beast? It’s called stress.

No, we are not joking. It is a serious problem. Countless studies showed that a lot of stress can cause real health problems like depression, increased blood pressure, chest pain, and the list goes on. According to recent studies, 65% of Americans blame work as a number 1 source of stress and only 37% of Americans said that they are satisfied with how they are managing job-related stress.

Everyone who has ever had a job must have felt work-related stress at some point in their lives. Every job has some elements that can be stressful from time to time no matter how much you love what you do. Pressure can come from meeting the deadlines or accomplishing challenging tasks.

work stress - Simple Ways To Deal With Stress At Work

The average professional is juggling between 40 to 100 projects at once. They are also interrupted 7 times per hour and distracted up to 2 hours a day. Also, there are the ones who experience corporate restructuring in their companies and therefore are uncertain about their futures.

And how can you not be stressed in these situations? You may be asking: Is there any way you could overcome those problems and not be stressed about them? Is there a chance that you could do everything that needs to be done and still have some time for yourself after work? How can you keep cool under so much pressure? In the following text, we will reveal some simple steps you can take in order to deal with your stress at work.

Do not get into conflicts

We all know that conflicts among co-workers are inevitable in most cases and can harm your physical and emotional health. With that in mind, we suggest you to try avoiding them as much as possible. This means that you should stop gossiping around the office, you shouldn’t talk about politics and religion so often and you should stay away from inappropriate office humor. In addition to that, you should try avoiding toxic people and the ones that don’t work well with others.

Eliminate interruptions

The great majority of us are on a regular basis bombarded with emails, various pop-ups, phone calls and so on.  This makes us more distracted than ever before. While you cannot control who interrupts you, your response to those interruptions can be controlled. When the interruption happens, we suggest responding in 3 ways: either you accept the interruption, cut it off or analyze its importance and act accordingly. You should also start answering emails during the certain time period and you should come up with a specific time when you can talk to other people in person. We also recommend closing your office door when you need to concentrate.

Organize an outdoor meeting

If the time allows, you should definitely try organizing an outdoor meeting. Even 30 minutes of fresh air in broad daylight will make you feel happier and more relaxed. It is also a great way to have some exercise during your workday. Rather than sitting in the conference room on a sunny day you should try organizing walking and talking meeting outside. It is scientifically proven that walking helps you focus and be more creative so it is more likely that you will even have a more productive meeting.

Use technology to reduce stress and improve productivity

Despite making us distracted all the time, technology can really help us improve our productivity and reduce stress. We already talked about the apps that can help us stay healthy, so this time we’ll focus on the ones that can help us achieve more in less time. By using them you will have more time for important things so won’t stress about not having enough time to accomplish what really matters. In transportation from point A to point B, a lot of time is lost. Wouldn’t it be great if we could do some real work while commuting to work, meeting, lunch, etc.? Actually it is possible.

The following interactive infographic created by the people from Cometdocs will show you which traditional office equipment can completely be replaced with corresponding mobile apps so you can work productively wherever you are. Just click on the blue circles in order to find out which app replaces the selected office element.

Make your space unboring

No matter how small your working space is, you can always make it colorful and not boring. Always keep your favorite notebooks, pens and gadgets around you so you can feel like home. Believe us, it really does make a difference. If your office lighting conditions are good, try putting a small plant on your desk. And the most important thing, have a photo of someone or something at your desk that makes you smile.

Do not multitask

There was a time when multitasking was considered a fantastic way to maximize someone’s productivity. Then people slowly started realizing that doing calculations while talking on the phone at the same time can greatly affect their speed and accuracy in a bad way. Let’s face it, a lot of people are bad at multitasking. Most of the time they end up not finishing their work on time and eventually when they do, the output is not a quality one. Rather than multitasking, we suggest focusing on one thing at a time and trying a new strategy called chunking. It represents a technique of cutting big tasks into small pieces so it would be easier for you to handle them.

Listen to music on your way home

Listening to music can be a great and effective way to relieve stress after work. By listening to your favorite music on your way home not only you will overcome the stress of the long day at work but you will also be prepared to interact with other people in your life. When you come home you will feel relaxed, cheerful and more open to a communication than before.

To conclude

We truly hope you will find these ways to deal with stress extremely useful. If not all, we guarantee that at least some of them will help you tremendously. We would love to hear from you so please tell us in the comments below the ways you use to cope with the everyday stress at work.

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