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8 Most Popular Destinations for Medical Treatments

Destinations for Medical Treatments

If you’re a traveler at heart who wants to mix business and pleasure and get medical treatment while on the road, now is the best time for medical tourism in history. Many popular tourist destinations are concentrating on medical tourism and have built great healthcare infrastructure with minimal costs which attract people from all over the world. So, if you want to turn your vacation into a trip that will do good to your body and your soul, here are some of the destinations you might consider for your treatments.


Thailand is constantly at the top of the list of best medical tourism destinations in the world, especially among people from the USA, Canada, the Middle East, Vietnam and Laos. Thailand has amazing institutions that provide advanced orthopedic, oncology, plastic surgery, HIV/AIDS treatment and ophthalmology services, and over 2 million people choose this country as their medical tourism destination every year. The prices of services are 50-80% lower than in the States or Europe while the level of medicine is very advanced. Many Thai medical centers and experts are internationally certified and awarded with accreditation that confirms the qualification of staff and strict patient safety standards. Additionally, the waiting time for treatments is excellent and many hospitals see foreign patients in the shortest period as long as you schedule your time of arrival. Plus, Thailand is rich in natural beauties and gorgeous cities, so when you recover, you can end up having an unforgettable vacation!


This South American giant is one of the top destinations for plastic surgery, if not the very best. Brazil has a very image-conscious culture and looking and feeling good is very important there, so it’s no wonder that there are more plastic surgeons in Brazil than anywhere else. While the country is at the bottom of this list when it comes to its medical system’s efficiency, Brazil is full of amazing surgeons with the highest training and plenty of experience. Costs of plastic surgery in Rio de Janeiro or Sao Paolo can be as much as 60% lower than in any Western country and the surgeons can make almost any wish come true. Your recovery can be spent strolling vibrant Brazilian streets, enjoying the pleasant climate and just soaking up the atmosphere of this exotic country. Sounds pretty nice!



Every year, Turkey welcomes over 700,000 patients from foreign countries. Last ten years have been very good for Turkish medicine and it certainly reached the world-class level thanks to billions of dollars of investments. Plus, over 300 hospitals started a relationship with world-leading medical facilities and organizations like Mayo Clinic and John Hopkins. This allows Turkish doctors to gain the best experience and medical equipment and techniques knowledge. Plus, booking your treatments can be very easy, practical, and cost-effective. You can find exceptional dialysis centres in Turkey and book your treatment online with only a few clicks. And while you make your reservations, you’ll see that the prices are a few times lower than in the USA and the rest of Europe. Mix easy booking, professional staff, and excellent facilities with low prices and you’ll get a recipe for a top medical tourism destination. Also, Turkey has amazing beaches, top-notch resorts, and lively cities that will make your stay pleasant, interesting, and cosy. Once you finish your treatment, you will certainly enjoy the other riches of this country, not only its medicine!

Czech Republic

If you’re looking for a country in the European Union as your destination, the Czech Republic might be a great choice since it offers all sorts of treatments conducted at the top level for a portion of the costs. Thanks to its amazing medical system, Prague is a true heaven for everyone from young wellness lovers and parents with children to retirees. The country is especially known for its exceptional cosmetic surgery. For instance, you can expect to pay around £2,000 for a breast enlargement (together with silicone implants and a clinic stay) which is almost 60% lower than in the UK and other Western European countries. The Czech Republic is also a popular destination for procedures like teeth whitening, IVF, stem cell treatment and bariatric surgery. Plus, Prague is one of the most beautiful yet cost-effective cities. So no matter if you’re only visiting for medical treatments or would like to explore the cities and attractions, you won’t regret your decision to visit this gorgeous country.



Singapore might be extremely expensive, but if money’s not an issue for you, you can expect to receive the most sophisticated medical care if you chose this country as your destination. Singapore has one of the freest and most successful economies and hospital systems in the world which turned this little island into a medical tourism centre for Asians and Westerners. Top speciality for doctors of Singapore is cancer treatment. So, if you want to spare no expenses on your medical treatments, don’t hesitate to fly to Singapore. Even though other Asian countries are catching up and rising their health care standards, Singapore is still seated firmly at top of medical tourism list (especially among people who can afford the prices).


If you’re disappointed in long waiting lists and the high costs of treatment of IVF procedures in your country, you might want to seek assistance with your fertility issues in Spain. Thanks to its flexible laws when compared to other European countries and a large number of donated eggs, Spain has the ability to bring costs down and concentrate on training its experts. Actually, Spain’s expertise in this field is probably the best in the world. Additionally, Spain has more gynecological clinics than any other country in Europe. Plus, it’s an excellent place for a vacation—it’s full of beautiful beaches, fun cities, rich history, and super tasty food and drinks! There’s nothing more a medical tourist might want.



The reason why medical treatments are being quickly outsourced to this country is the fact that it offers inexpensive medical services and excellent solutions for high-difficulty treatments and surgeries. Every year, medical-based tourism brings billions into India’s economy and they use a lot of that money to boost their services even more. India’s eye, spine, and heart bypass surgeons are second to none. Orthopaedic, fertility, and cardiac treatments are also very popular among medical tourists. While many patients come from neighboring countries with under-developed healthcare systems, Western patients are also rushing to India more and more every year. And how could they not when they can save anywhere from 70 to 90% on their medical procedures! Plus, the government offers visa-free travel for people from English speaking countries.


Hungary has a long history with wellness-based tourism with many of its mineral springs and spas around the country and especially in Budapest, the capital. However, today Hungary embraced a different medical specialty—dentistry. Dental clinics of the country welcomed over 80% of all medical tourists that come to Hungary! While most tourists still only come from neighboring countries and countries of Europe, Hungary’s charm and beauty are also starting to attract many American dental tourists.

No matter the procedure, there’s always a destination in the world that will take care of your issues with utmost expertise. So, next time your body needs a touch-up or your need to boost your health, pack your bags and head to one of these medical tourism destinations!

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