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7 Reasons Dentistry-Shy Adults Should Consider the Alternative of Invisalign

7 Reasons Dentistry-Shy Adults Should Consider the Alternative of Invisalign
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It’s all too common to fear having to go to the dentist as an adult, and the fear can get even worse when you think you might need braces. Many kids get braces when they’re young, and if you never went through that phase but need teeth straightening now, you may fear the same sort of discomfort and even teasing that you saw many of your classmates with braces go through in school. Thankfully, even fairly dentistry-shy adults have options for straightening teeth that are more discreet and won’t cause social strain. If this description sounds like you, you may want to consider visiting a premium provider like King Orthodontics for Invisalign instead for countless reasons, the foremost of which you can learn more about below.

1. Invisalign Is Easier To Access Now Than Ever Before

In the past, before Invisalign became a more widespread treatment, it may have been tougher to find a truly qualified Invisalign Provider. Today, though, the technology is more widely available than ever before, making it easy to opt for the clear aligners over traditional braces. You can do some digging to find qualified premium Invisalign providers for the service in your area.

2. They’re Clear, Subtle and Generally Very Discreet

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There are no hiding braces, even if you can try to dress them up by getting color bands. For some, this obvious look is a downside. If the look of braces bothers you, Invisalign could provide a highly discreet option. In fact, the clear aligners are hardly visible, allowing you to wear them practically anywhere without feeling like they’re immediately noticeable. You could wear them to a board meeting, a family event, a date, or a night out on the town with no problems!

3. You Shouldn’t Experience Braces-Type Discomfort of Pain

One unfortunate downside of braces is that patients often experience some discomfort with them, or even pain, especially in the early days of having them in. If you need to get screws adjusted at some point, that’s another round of discomfort. While Invisalign may feel slightly uncomfortable as your teeth get used to the aligner, they should not be painful at all.

4. They’re a Typically Hygienic Option That’s Simple To Keep Clean

Because you can remove them, Invisalign is a great option for people who want to simplify their overall dental hygiene routine. You can usually clean them by placing them in a cup filled with water mixed with a denture cleanser for a few hours. This low-maintenance routine is ideal for keeping things clean when you’re short on time!

5. They Can Be Removed Before Eating, So You Can Continue To Enjoy Your Favorites

Easy to eat
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When you have braces in, you may have to temporarily give up some of your favorite foods that would get stuck in the braces and be difficult or near impossible to clean out. Invisalign, however, can easily and conveniently be removed whenever you want. This means you take them out before eating a meal, and then, after finishing the meal and brushing your teeth, they can be placed back in. You won’t have to give up any of the foods you enjoy!

6. It Might Be Covered by Your Insurance Plan

Braces and Invisalign are usually fairly comparable in terms of cost, with Invisalign occasionally costing a bit more in certain situations. However, if the cost is a factor, you’ll be relieved to know that both braces and Invisalign are often covered by dental insurance plans. Be sure to check in with your provider to see if you could get Invisalign for a very low out-of-pocket cost.

7. You Won’t Have To Worry About Social Stigma

Perhaps one of the biggest emotional drawbacks attached to getting braces, certainly for many children and often for adult patients as well, is the perceived social stigma that can come with them. Having braces may make a patient feel more self-conscious, uncomfortable, or even temporarily unhappy with his or her smile. When you have discreet aligners instead of braces, you likely won’t run into this problem in the same way since the aligners are typically harder to see and can easily be removed when needed. Knowing that your straightening treatment is subtle alone can help give your confidence a boost, rather than knocking it down a peg.

You may have concerns about getting braces for a number of reasons, whether that’s discomfort and pain, problems with eating and keeping them clean, social stigma, or something else. Thankfully, Invisalign’s modern alternative can help you get straighter teeth without the downsides that often come with getting braces. There are numerous reasons to consider this helpful option: ease of access to hygiene to discreetness, and more. If this is a route you’re considering, look into premium providers for the best possible experience and high-quality treatment.

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