11 225x300 - High Quality Bottle Opener is a Must For Every Beer Drinker

It is amazing how much more enjoyable a beer can be when you have the right tools. I recently purchased this amazing mountable bottle opener from Capcatchers. I haven’t mounted it yet, but I know just by looking at it that it is going to make my beer-drinking experience even better.

When I heard about this one of a kind bottle opener, I had to check it out. It was delightfully surprised to find out that it comes in a variety of options and you can personalize it. Not only is it a convenient and nice looking bottle opener, but it also comes with a pouch that captures the caps. How cool is that? It is productive, useful and efficient, yet not an eye soar.

I just received it in the mail and I was so impressed with the quality of the material and the craftsmanship. It is so cool that it is personalized because then it will look really good when I mount it. I am thinking the best place for it will be right next to my fridge, where all the beer is!

2 225x300 - High Quality Bottle Opener is a Must For Every Beer Drinker


Another great thing about this bottle opener is I can never misplace it! It will always be where I left it. It looks like it will be really sturdy and will last a long time. Which is good, because it is going to be used a lot, especially during football season.

This would be a terrific gift for pretty much anyone who loves beer. Christmas is coming up and now that I know this product is as good as people say, this just might be in some people’s stockings this year.

With different options and a number of ways to personalize the mounted bottle opener, I will be able to customize each gift and make it unique and meaningful. And who knows, maybe I will love it so much I will get one for the garage too!