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5 ways to make your home your own personal art museum

Art for Art’s Sake

Art can be intimidating. It doesn’t have to be, but for many of us, it’s not a world we know how to navigate confidently.  Thanks to the rise of social media we have an unprecedented amount of access to the best art and artists, yet many of us still can’t tell a Monet from a Basquiat. Just kidding you’d totally be able to tell the difference, but it often feels that fine art is something just outside of our grasp.

I want beautiful things around me, but don’t want to suffer or feel intimated when I go searching for it. That’s where Musart comes in.  The owner got the idea that we all want to be surrounded by cool things, but would prefer to forgo the pretentiousness that many traditional art retail spaces create. 

Located in Brickell City Center, Musart is an art goods store that offers contemporary art in a very accessible fashion. Each piece in the shop displays the beauty of masterpieces while managing to be functional. Musart was created to bridge the gap between Fine art and our contemporary lifestyle.

Our homes are our sanctuary and we should have things in it that bring us joy. Musart has pieces that can meet every type of style and space. Continue reading to see my top 5 recommendations to reinvigorate your home.


A throw pillow can take your couch from ho-hum to the center of attention. Their pillows feature unique designs featuring iconic masterpieces. It is an approachable way to add some art that doesn’t feel effortless yet refined.

pillows miro6 3 - 5 ways to make your home your own personal art museum

Sculptures and Figurines

I am a big fan of sculptures. They add a ton of character to any room and can be easily moved to accommodate changing moods/tastes. This piece is inspired by the notorious UK British artist Banksy’s “Flower Bomber.” The flowers make this sculpture fun, and I guarantee it will be an excellent conversation piece no matter where you to choose to display it.

Banksy Flower Thrower A - 5 ways to make your home your own personal art museum

Musart on Decks 

While touring the shop I had to do a double-take at these decks. These make excellent house warming gifts and act as the best artistic treat-yo-self I’ve seen in a while. This Jean-Michel Basquiat’s work Light Blue Movers (1987) is featured on this set of four skateboard decks. This exclusive and limited edition of skateboard decks invites contemporary artists to interpret skate culture by creating art on skateboards. It also supports non-profit projects that empower children through skateboarding and art, linking art to a good cause! 

decks - 5 ways to make your home your own personal art museum


Candles serve a multitude of purposes and the fact these are so fun totally makes them a home necessity. This exclusive scented candle collection with fragrance by Givaudan brings vibrant contemporary artworks into the everyday life of the Haring art lovers. The scent is comprised of bergamot, orange blossom and amber making it the perfect everyday scent.

candle haring15 - 5 ways to make your home your own personal art museum


It is essential to incorporate art into all aspects of our lives. I think these Surrealist René Magritte plates are a fun way to play with your food. Guests will be tickled to find the whimsical works of art after clearing their plates.

plates magritte4 - 5 ways to make your home your own personal art museum

William Morris said it best when he declared, “Have nothing in your houses that you do not know to be useful or believe to be beautiful.” These five options all fit that description perfectly and will bring joy to your home in the years to come.

The Aspiring Gentleman received an item for review. All opinions are my own.