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Men’s Attire for a Winter Wedding

Men's Attire for a Winter Wedding
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Winter Weddings: Men’s Attire for a Winter Wedding

It is the season of celebrations. The busiest time of the year where schedules are filled with festive parties, New Year’s events and magical winter weddings. When it comes to wedding attire for winter you need to dress for the weather, and usually, you can expect it to be cold. Not all winter weddings will take place inside, some couples may choose an outdoor ceremony, and this could take place in a winter wonderland complete with snow. So what should Men’s Attire for a Winter Wedding include?

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We’ve put together some tips for you in order to choose the right wedding attire from picking the right material, style, color and all the outerwear accessories you might need to keep warm and look
your best in the photos!


When it comes to the dress code for a winter wedding, you’ll want to look your best for the bride and groom, that is a given, but you will also want to consider the weather and ways to stay warm. You may wish to try a three-piece suit to layer your outfit, so you have the option to remove items indoors and add when you’re outside waiting to take photographs. We recommend a shirt, tie, waistcoat and suit jacket. You may also want to add a tailored coat to drape over your shoulders.

While changing materials and adding different layers is something to think about for a winter wedding, be mindful of the fit of your suit as the cut is key to looking stylish. Go for a suit that has a natural shoulder line and will cinch you at the waist and choose some tapered trousers to complete the look. If your body shape requires tailoring, be sure to visit a dressmaker with plenty of time to adjust the suit to fit your body and give an overall expensive feel.


It can be suggested that opting for a heavier suit material is paramount when attending a winter affair, and of course a lighter weight option during the summer. Try to avoid materials such as linen and thin cotton, instead embrace Autumnal heavy fabrics like tweed, wool and corduroy. Jackets made from these materials can also be worn with jeans during the winter to ensure you get the most wear out of your clothes.
Woolen suits are a suitable option for weddings closer to Christmas to provide extra warmth during the colder months and can be purchased in a variety of colors. Corduroy is the trending material at
the moment, so it might be time to dig out your Seventies inspired ensemble ready to hit the dance floor! This is the most versatile which can be dressed up for a wedding and down for casual everyday attire.


The type of season will have some sort of influence over the color suit you decide to wear. First and foremost, it is worth checking the invite as there may be a color code for the wedding in which case you have your answer. If the choice is left to you, aim for a small selection of neutral colors such as grey, navy, burgundy, brown and of course, classic black. We recommend pairing your chosen suit color with the opposite primary color accessories if you’re set on a navy suit try a burgundy woolen tie or a patterned pocket square to brighten the
look. You may also want to go completely tonal with your dress and wear different tones of the same hue for a classic, chic look.

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When it comes to finalizing your wedding guest outfit you will want to complete your look with the right shoe. Depending on the color suit you choose it will determine the type and shade of shoe you wear. A simple black shoe will go with most outfits, however, if you’re wearing a brown suit opt for brown shoes too. Generally, footwear should be leather, suede or a faux alternative. Keep it simple with a classic brogue, even an Oxford style ankle boot will work during the winter.

You may have to shell out for a suit and so adding a lavish pair of shoes to the list sometimes isn’t an option. There are plenty of shoe options available in the simple brogue style, and try to look for cheap shoes online as alternatives to more premium brands. This way you can afford to buy multiple colors in case you have more than one wedding to attend this year.

Finally, for a winter wedding, you may wish to drape a stylish coat over your shoulders to formalize the look and provide maximum warmth throughout the event. Again, choose a winter color for your overcoat in black, brown or charcoal.

Hopefully, these top Men’s Attire for a Winter Wedding have helped you prepare for your loved one’s special day.

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