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Traditional Holiday Wear

Traditional Holiday Wear
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Breaking Away From Traditional Holiday Wear

Are you tired of picking out the same traditional holiday wear for the winter holidays each year? Maybe you’re dreading the same-old ugly sweater parties? If you’ve pretty much had it with the typical Christmas wardrobe choices, here are some suggestions for how you can satisfy the Christmas family photo and office party traditions with a few unique twists of your own.

Traditional Holiday Wear
Image by Please Don’t sell My Artwork AS IS from Pixabay

Expand Your Selection of Christmas Colors

One of the most common ways people choose Christmas apparel is by color. The standard red and green options are found in just about every clothing store from mid-October to the end of December. You don’t have to stick to the holly and ivy theme, however. Here are some alternatives to red with green accents or green with red details:

  • White, black, and gold
  • White, black, and red
  • Navy, cream, and white
  • Deep blue and blush
  • Dark green, cream, and copper
  • White, cream, and gray

You could also put together an outfit in neutral colors and choose accent pieces with holiday vibes. How would you envision ideal Christmas outfits? a long red plush teddy long Faux Fur Coat is excellent choice for displaying your Christmas spirit.

Use Glitter Creatively This Year

Another popular way to dress for the holidays includes adding glitter and sparkle to everything. Of course, if you’ve moved past the ten and younger scene, you probably want to avoid a glittery red velvet with faux fur trim. Unless you attend many formal-wear events, you may also want to pass on investing in a glittery gown. Instead, you could try some of these options:

  • Add glitter and gemstones to your eye makeup or nails.
  • Choose a sparkly sweater with cozy leggings.
  • Splurge on shiny jewelry with plenty of sparkles.
  • Look for a shimmer scarf or shawl to wrap around your little black dress.
  • Accentuate your outfit with a glittery headband, handbag, and shoes.

The holidays are a great time to indulge in your love for glitter and sparkle, but with these tips, you may find that you can shine during the rest of the year as well.

Bring Out Your Plaid

Plaid is a beautiful option, rich in tradition, that becomes very popular during the holidays. If your family hails from Scotland, you may choose to celebrate with your traditional tartan colors and patterns. If your genealogy lies elsewhere, you could stick with a red and black buffalo plaid or mix up your holiday wear with something uniquely your own. The good news about using plaid as your holiday wear for office parties is that it is easy to use during the fall and for the rest of the winter. Pair it with jeans and white sweaters for your family photos; everyone can choose their plaid as accessories: scarves, shoes, vests, or peeking out from under the sweaters.

Choose Fun Rather Than Ugly for the Office Party

Christmas sweater
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Of course, you could also choose a unique holiday pattern and splash it all over your Christmas dress. With the right pattern, you could have a fun and festive dress that is just right for the ugly sweater office party but also well-suited to a boozy holiday night out with your friends. Today, there are a lot of fun options that appeal to the younger generation with an edgy take on enduring themes.

Express Yourself

Whether you’ve become bored with classic favorites or just really need to express yourself uniquely, you can use these tips when updating your holiday wardrobe. Make your family and your boss happy by showing up in festive apparel without sacrificing your personality. Do you have other ideas? How have you satisfied common holiday requests while still finding ways to be your person?